Ruckus buffs

  • Hi!
    I think he has a semi viable meta, but some of his upgrading possibles aren't viable. I just list them and suggest a moderate buff for them.


    Flux Generator: Rebuff its bonus from 1000 to 1250. It makes him tankier, but he can't be a point tank, so it still makes no sense. Non uses it on high elo for a very reason.


    Countermeasure: The shield it gives is nothing for a frontliner. Ruckus is an ez target, he needs better HP and shield cards. His HP card is 3 times better than other's but his shield card is just like Ghrok's... It would be great if it gave {1.5|1.5}s cd reduction for Emitter with the same threshold and internal cooldown.

    At The Ready: The ammo what it generates is trash. Extended Magazines generates 3 times more ammo based on a skill what have 2 times lower cooldown. But this card would make him a way better off-tank with the following bonus: Hitting an enemy with Missile Launcher reduces the cooldown of Advance by {0.4|0.4}s.

    His selfhealer cards are all trash. He is a frontliner, but these bonuses are for damage dealers. These are the same as Lian's and Tyra's selfhealer cards. Tanks need more HP, better HP cards, bigger shields and better selfheal card, coz they are easier to hit. Please keep this rule in the balancing algoritm. Khan, Makoa... also need better selfhealer cards. Ruckus' ones also need at least 25% buff for be picked above gold rank.

    No Chill: It wouldn't be a bad card, if Ruckus had no better walking speed without shooting, especially if he had no Advance skill. But he has, and use them for moving. He doesn't rely on shooting speed. He is still so slowly and predictable while he is shooting, so this card doesn't help him out. I think it needs at least 10% scaling (double than now) for making it worthy to pick.

    Warden: It is just a filler card, coz he has low shield and enaugh duration by default. This is why buffing its scaling makes no sense, won't help it. But if Emitter had 1s less duration (and 500 more shield for compensation) by default this card would make an impact.

  • @KicsitCsicska I'd suggest letting personal shields ignore harmful effects which include reveal, poison, burning effects and most importantly cauterise and grant them CC immunity. This will allow torvald and ruckus to be more tanky by limitting counterplay to focus fire and withstand burst with healing. Reduce the scaling of Emitter from 1s per lvl to 0.8s per level and then rework ruckus Flux Generator to instead reduce cooldown by half, If the shield is destroyed. This will allow Ruckus to be a viable point tank option. With Emitter maxed when using FG on Ruckus, players will have 4s to kill him before he gets his shield back up and also his health now that personal shields ignore cauterise. A single dmg dealer can do more than 4k dmg over 4s and with focus fire from more than 2 players ruckus can die pretty fast. And with my suggestion of letting personal shields grant CC immunity as well, Ruckus can use his movement ability to escape. If Ruckus is forced to flee that will benefit the enemy team so I think these changes are balanced. I'd also let Torvald Q last indefinitely until destroyed and rework Field Study to buff his Recharge to Replenish all of HP over the duration, EDIT: also rework Field study to grant CC immunity to targets instead of 10% dmg amp. What do y'all think?

  • @SNIper-poTAto Cleaning cauterize and also beeing immunite to it would be OP. As the consistent CC immunite too. Torvald's pocket also applies self shield, so it would be even more benefitial for the shielded allies.

  • @KicsitCsicska Torvald shields allies for only 500 which doesn't require wrecker to be countered but when TG is used Wrecker can still be picked to counter. I don't see my changes to be OP for now, maybe elaborate with an example aswell? You should also consider that Ruckus and Torvald have one of the lowest HPs with gigantic hitboxes to begin with.

  • @SNIper-poTAto they activate shield, and the healer max out their HP until it's over.
    4s isn't enaugh to kill Ruckus, coz he can jump around, he has great DR cards, and he also can recieve some heals while he has no shield.
    He would be the best off and point tank as well, so he would be op.
    He isn't a point tank, coz he has superior dmg output. He doesn't need a buff, for being viable on the objective.

  • @KicsitCsicska Perhaps CC immunity was a bad idea, considering the Fuel Reserves card to get more distance on Advance. I don't rlly think his DR cards are good unless you are talking about Dampener which is not actually DR. I want to make Flux Generator a viable main tank pick to make to turn the classification of point tanks and off tanks into a myth, because well y'know it would make the tank class way more fun, no? Ofcourse as long as they are balanced well enough and also tanks are the least popular class in the game. Burst Champs can still do some good dmg to Ruckus even with him being able to jump around since he has the biggest hitbox outside of Torvald, I could be wrong ofcourse. Healing Ruckus when he has shield would be the top priority of healers already and if the support continues to heal him more when he doesn't have his shield, the rest of the team would miss out on some sustain, no? I find that slightly counter-balanced. Also, I don't see Torvald having strong sustain and good utility with his Q to be OP, because it requires players to follow up on it or his utility won't be worth it if his target fails to follow up which adds a high risk high reward factor into play. Torvald's weapon dmg sucks more than Jenos's weapon dmg+ its not even hitscan and it has a much more significant dmg fall off. How would you see this change If Personal Shields didn't have CC immunity?
    Edit: I edited my first response and included a rework to Torvald Field study to instead grant CC immunity over dmg amp. What do you think about that other change?

  • @SNIper-poTAto said in Ruckus buffs:

    I don't rlly think his DR cards are good

    This is probably why you think Ruckus needs a buff. His DR cards are his best cards. Maxing those cards gives you 5 activations of DR or 6 if you take the air assualt talent.

    All your ideas would make Ruckus broken.

  • @Shadowpuppy Oh wow. That's probably because I use flux generator all the time after his missile buffs and those Dr cards are bad with this talent. Since Tyra Dr didn't stack with talent, I had the same assumption with ruckus's Dr cards. As far as I know Dr cards were never used much before his buff where his missile launcher cooldowns were a must pick with rocket barrage and Dampener was more useful back then. You are probably right then. But, if I was in charge of balance then I just wouldn't let the Dr stack similar to Tyra's Dr, and then make these changes to make playing point on ruckus possible, because giving all tanks the potential to be both off tanks and point tanks would make them way more fun rather than being the least popular class in the game.

  • @SNIper-poTAto You could add a potential to ruckus to be a point tank only with nerfing his damage output and mobility, coz these are way better than anything what frontliners deserve. But it would change his base design too deeply. Barik wont be a good flanker, and Ruckus won't be a good point tank. I don't think every champions would be super flexible. If you like flexibility play Skye. She can play all classes.
    Ruckus just have some weak options to play with. This is what my thread about: buff them. But I didn't suggest to buff his meta kit! He won't be stronger. Just he will have more options to play sucessfully with.
    Since Io is meta, and her team doesn't realy need point tank, a tank how can keep up with a flanker on the flank side is realy needed, so he is played on high elo in the meta.

  • @KicsitCsicska lemme tell u one thing and one thing only, cooldown reset cards on kills, boom ruckus is meta and healthy as never before

  • @Carlolrac555 lemme tell u one thing, I suggested no cooldown reset on kills or elims to Ruckus 😄

  • @KicsitCsicska Ruckus is a great champion with good mobility, tons of hp, survivability, good dps and good burst, the problem with him is his cooldowns, most people will spend all three missiles on one enemy, which is needed cause otherwise his 800 dps is gonna get outhealed pretty easy. When he spends all his rockets for a fight, he needs to wait 30s to get his rockets back. He is pretty slow as well, but he has dashes on a 5s cooldown, this requires him to use his dashes wisely to be able to retreat fast enough. If Ruckus would have the card I suggested, he wouldnt be out of combat so much and could actually get great stats and help out his team a lot.

  • @Carlolrac555 He still can help a lot as an offtank. Chronos is definitly good for him.
    As I already wrote my aim isn't buff his meta style, just buff his weak parts in his optional kit.
    Anyways I don't think that buffing a champion should happen by adding him a strong card, what he would need to use for being meta. So this card would be must pick, his kit wouldn't be balanced. (At most the force of his meta style among the champions). What I suggest is literally the opposite: balance his kit, buff the weak cards. Not adding a real strong one.
    So if you would suggest to buff his meta I suggest to buff his base kit, and keep his cards, talents balanced.

  • @KicsitCsicska Definitely, but I think this card should be spread over every ability, like a card for missiles, card for emitter and so on, he does need more viable cards for sure, if I were able to adjust these cards, I'd rework most of them into smth rlly useful and fun, for example: shields after dash, gain movement speed after using advance, reduce the cooldown of advance by .5s for every (400|80) damage dealt,

  • @Carlolrac555 You could collect your ideas and write a champion creation thread about your one. Most of a champion's cards won't be reworked. But the same type of cards for literally every champions - what's going on - definitly needs a shaking up with new ones e.g. what you have suggested 🙂

  • @KicsitCsicska Yeah, I feel like they should definitely be a bit more creative on the cards, they are all way too similar and make no sense anymore, some champions have 5 viable builds, whilst most of them only have 1, max. 2 trustworthy builds.

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