The Rework That Androxus Needs

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  • Most of these sound like his kit from days old, didn't play back then buti heard he had a fan the hammer but they removed it because Mcree. Your revolver rework is his current cursed revolver talent and I believe he had a LC called dark stalker that gave him individual dashes or something like that. Though I definitely wouldn't mind if his dash worked like Rukus's one because nothings more fun than getting stunned mid dash and losing your mobility in front of a Tyra or someone lol

  • Okay, good changes for the revolver, 600 damage every 0.5 is way it should be, semiauto bulls**t must be removed from his basekit.
    But I don't understand why you want to keep it semiauto with slower fire rate, it makes no sense. It's a revolver, it is supposed to be automatic, like other revolvers from other games.
    People who want to click left click instead of holding it can still do that even with an automatic revolver, with a semiauto one people who feel confortable to hold lmb are forced to spam it.

    I also like the fan the hammer change, still more original than the stupid rushed punch.

    And yes, dashes should have separate charges with separate cooldowns... androxus' mobility is based only on 1 build + 1 talent : GODSLAYER + RESET LOADOUT, Without it he's fuc***.

    People who like the spam weapon should be allowed to use it, I'd rather keep it as a talent tho.
    Cursed revolver , your revolver deals 520 every 0.36, it's semiautomatic but has increased recoil and spread.

  • @Driggydrug The reason why I thought the Revolver should stay semi-automatic is because if it was full auto, it would create a weird animation if you were to hold the right and left click at the same time. That being Revolver and Defiance alternating. However, I understand your reasoning. Thanks for your suggestion.

  • So, what you want is a straight up revert?

    Also, I'm fine with the current, punching Defiance. Or rather would be, if it was just a punch. What it is right now is you throw a very short-ranged gust of energy by doing a punching motion, which gives him unnecessary range, ability to hit multiple enemies at once, as well as 0.5 seconds cooldown. Remove all of that, and that would be the perfect change. A change that will make Defiance what it should be: A good ol' punch with no range and no cooldown, that will only hit one enemy.

  • @KOHCTPYKTOP Not a complete revert. The only thing reverting would be his revolver. Also, changing Defiance to what you suggested would make it more useless than it already is. Besides, what you are describing is how Defiance used to be and it had to be buffed because it was impossible to hit an enemy with it. However, it is still useless and needs to be changed completely. Thanks for your input. 👍

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