Ying healing talant

  • So the one thing I hate about yings talants are that the only actually healing talant sacrifices your damage, therefore I think resistance should be incorporated into her loadout and should be something like "illusions can capture a point for 3 seconds and heal 10% more." Just an idea.

  • Ying will now deal more damage consistently from further ranges so her damage should see an uptick.
    On Most maps Ying should be dealing around 60-ish damage per tick instead of a measly 14 or even 20.

    As far as Illusions contesting point No Thank You.
    Honestly They need to remove that shit from Luna.

    While I think Resonance would incorporate into Ying's Base Kit just fine I would understand EvilMojo's hesitancy to do so.
    On certain Maps like Brightmarsh Resonance provides so much value by virtue of just existing.
    It damn near guarantees Illusions will deal damage no matter what.

    I play Resonance on Brightmarsh almost exclusively now because I can get my ult so damn fast.
    I got my ultimate basically every 30-50 seconds of gameplay one match I played.

    If you were to combine this with the effect of healing from Life Exchange Ying would basically be ulting every fight.

    The better option for Base Kit integration would be Focusing Lens since it's all about landing shots and it wouldn't completely throw her Ultimate Charge Rate entirely into Chaos like Resonance would.

    Resonance is by far the best talent for charging Illusory Rift in the quickest amount of time.

    Right now I think waiting to see where Ying lands right now is the best option.
    The adjustment to Ying's Falloff Damage was a huge buff numerically it was not a minor change.

    I haven't played Life Exchange with the new change yet but I would expect a good player to get 10-20k damage more than normal in a decent length game.

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