Hi rez keeps forcing me to change my email in a never ending loophole.

  • (Bad english)Made my Hi rez account in 2017 to play paladins and after playing it for a while i stopped for a while.I just got a Switch and i want to play paladins on it but i forgot my username,i did not know that i had to put the username instead of my email so i clicked forgot and an email was send to me with the name.I tried to log in but the password is somehow wrong.Okay i pressed forgot password and i was send a temporary password.I logged i was shown an account over view with a clickable text telling me to verify my email so i can change my email (even to in the email with the password it said that only the lassword will be changed) and password.I taught that i can select if i want to change my email or password.I pressed verify and i was send an email.This email was not for the password so i can change the temporary one but it was for the email.I was kinda pissed but ok.I tried to log in again on the hi rez website but i was greeted again with a account overview so verify my email.I taught if i'm going to change my email it will allow me to change the temporay password so i can long into my account.But no after i changed it and tried to log again i was greeted to change my email AGAIN.I closed google and tried again.Now EVERY time a press on the account button with that stickman looking person it shows me the account overview ans to verify my email. Any ideas to fix this so i can play paladins on my account ?
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