Champion Concept: Eldeina, The mental strength

  • I have an idea for a champion. But this one will have one of my best and longest stories.

    Eldeina- "Mental strength" -Support-2200PV

    Lore: Since the dawn of time, the whole world and all the kingdoms on the planet have been the target of wars and threats. It took thousands of years after that Eldeina was born. Eldeina was born in an enchanted forest, where clean air, trees, plants and flowers live in safety. However, voices of mages, warriors and enchantments called for help each night. Eldeina knew that she was in danger in this forest, that a threat could come out at any time. She took everything she had and went to the capital, yet she did not know her powers.
    She went to the Paladins' hideout and begged to come and help them. The Paladins doubted her potential, Eldeina has the appearance of a defenseless woman, but nevertheless accepted it to train it. For weeks, Eldeina was more than a member of the Paladins, she supported and encouraged everyone, she helped create weapons and plans, she also took care of the village, reconstructions, gardens and its actions have helped a lot of people.

    Yet many members of the Paladins and the capital rejected her and accused her because of her attitude and believed that she was cursed because of her abilities. Many laughed at her because she was an orphan, poor and strange, some villagers even had the idea of ​​burning the magnificent garden that she looked after with so much effort. People who appreciated her were reluctant to help her and watch her endure all these accusations. She helped everyone but no one was here to help her and she had to live her life in solitude and had to deal with the critics. Eldeina was the victim of assaults and attacks wherever she went.

    One day, she was accepted to accompany a squad of 6 champions in search of a special artefact, a scepter of nature and light that previously belonged to the Pyre. Since her birth, Eldeina was accompanied by the Pyre since her birth like. When they got to the scepter location, the dark, dark dragon-mouthed mountain where all the other dragons were, but the Abyss also moved there to fight for the scepter. Eldeina was defenseless but she helped with plans and strategy as well as comforting traumatized fighters but the champions blamed Eldeina and demeaned her because of her inability to fight. After a few hours, 5 champions were teleported to the Capital, but only Eldeina remained. Defenseless, she was really weakened by dragons and attacks from the Abyss. She endured all attacks and spells but almost passed through. Eldeina begged the enemies to spare her, but no one came to her aid. At the last moment, when no hope could save Eldeina from death, the guards of the Pyre and the light allotted the scepter to her, this scepter had returned to her and saw the victim. The Pyre revived him and Eldeina pushed back the Abyss. She made peace with the dragons and healed them.
    She returns to the capital under a completely different appearance, the threats of the villagers have increased but Eldeina remains strong
    These days, Eldeina is now one of the Paladin's healers along with Furia, Grover, Io, Jenos and Ying. She often comes to the call of gardeners to plant a lot of flowers, she purifies the air and water , it helps the inhabitants, even the inhabitants who mistreat it. Eldeina is still on the target of saving the world, and she will find her way despite a corrupt world and hundred thousands who hates her.

    Basically, Eldeina will have the appearance of a young woman of 24 years old, she will have long straight straight hair, pure white, azure and sky blue eyes that have sparkles. The head of his scepter will be a raw diamond with a shining galaxy aura, the diamond will have a kind of half-cage in the shape of a heart made of magic material, there will be angel wings on the heart and flowers. The handle is a classic handle, it will have crystals on it, petals, a trail of aurora borealis, flashes of light and blue runes. She will have a dress that goes up to her legs which is covered with flowers, white crystals / rainbow (color: golden skins) and patterns that sparkle. She will not have shoes but she will have shapes and gold ornaments on her legs with white crystals inlaid. She will have deer horns and a golden / white crown with ornate light crystals and a halo

    Primary Fire, Scepter of Light: Eldeina brandishes her scepter to launch a white diamond surrounded by a galaxy and light aura that inflicts 400 damage every 0.5s. (shot speed: Kinessa, Range: Short, Medium and Half-long) 12 ammo

    Q, Guardian Angel: If Eldeina selects a champion who has less than 800HP, a figure of Eldeina (Eldeina with the same shapes but she is white like a statue, and shines) which limits the damage to 200 of its HP and heals it of 600HP. This angel stays 4s with him. 17s cooldown

    F, Angelic propulsion: Eldeina uses her wings to shoot straight and in the air at the end of the animation (range: 75 units). 12s cooldown (the longest escape of all supports with Io)

    Secondary Fire, Pure Blessing: Eldeina targets 1 ally and 1 ally with the lowest health is automatically chosen. They will be surrounded by an aura of light with flowers which send them enchanted rays which heal the targeted ally of 400HP / s for 7s and the other of 400HP for 3.5s. 5.5s cooldown

    E, Balance: Eldeina brings up the Mountain where the scepter was in miniature (it's very gigantic, it swallows up all the other textures and it's 5 times the size of the point aka goes throught everything) which erupts and sends meteors from the sky. light or shadow randomly on the map (sending 50 meteors in 8s). Each meteor deals 700 damage. Or Eldeina can load its 50 meteors in 8s and merge them to make a gigantic meteorite. This meteorite will explode and inflict 3500 damage within a radius of 60 units then will be distributed up to 140 units for 7s (propagation damage: 500 damage / s for 2s every 2s you hit the explosion)

    Lvl.1-Enchanted Erie: Pure Blessing gives 35% speed boost and 300PV shield
    Lvl.2-Magic Fire: Your weapon fire deals 50% more damage but you grant 30% less healing
    Lvl.8-Guardian angel applies to 2 people, it no longer limits the damage but offers a 2400PV shield which lasts until it is destroyed. It also limits wrecker to 40%

    I'm not going to put cards because this champion is not going to be very popular, and in addition it takes me a long time to put cards.

  • @TheDarkSpirit12041 Ngl, this champion seems hella strong, having a mark that heals and makes a champion immortal for 4s, her heal seems okay, but together with this 'immortality mark', it seems pretty damn strong. Her damage actually sounds pretty good and so does her escape, balanced, nothing too crazy. Her ult seems like a lot of work to make and to make it fit the maps and its environment. The ult is kinda strong, basically a better viktor ult: viktors ult can't oneshot a champion with 1 charge, Eldeina would be able to oneshot even a barik and atlas. Like the lore, though, u really have put a lot of thought in it, tons of details, well done 🙂

  • @Carlolrac555 Thanks for the feedbacks. I think I was too drunk that one day my brain would ever thought about an invincibility ability XD. But yeah, Imma change it

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