Ranked Clarified

  • So, I have seen in this forum over 100 posts about ranked, and how it should be changed.
    Well, now after (finally) reading the FAQ on Matchmaking (there's a topic), I have understood something that I want to tell you all, who are actually trying to make something change.

    You are playing a gambling game.

    The Matchmaker looks at wins, losses, and WHO they occurred against. By looking at wins and losses, the system creates a broad overview of someone’s overall skill as a player.
    Paladins is a team game and it’s important to create a snapshot of their total skill level, not just a specialized analysis of say, their skill with Androxus who they may or may not be able to play in any given match.

    That's it. No complex analysis, no exceptions if you normally carry your games, it's actually as simple as that:
    You win, you get points. You lose, you lose points, and u get matched with who wins more points. The exact same matchmaking you see in all MOBA games.

    So guys, you're just barking at the wrong tree. These people can't fix CRITICAL recurring bugs that destroy the quality of the game, you think they gonna do something about details?
    My last post in this forum. Good luck to you all.

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