Console tier list for flanks

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    S: the best flanks at high elo. Androxus has great vertical mobility and dps. He can even double as a damage dealer, and his ultimate either kills the tank on point, or gets a few solid picks in the backline. Buck is up here because he has great vertical mobility and he never dies. His dps isn't good, but his sustain makes sure he wins any 1v1 against another squishy.

    A: These are good picks. Koga with shadow step has moments of invincibility and his damage up close is also good. Problem is he has to get in close and he relies on a pocket. Talus is also a solid pick for his sheer damage output against a squishy 1v1. The problem is that his range is bad and he has no vertical mobility. Maeve has burst, vertical mobility, and good sustain. Problem is that unlike Buck, she can't survive as much damage. All of these champions are good, but they're countered by the top tier flanks. Why pick Talus, Koga, and Maeve in high elo games when the enemy can pick Androxus and Buck, since those two counter the three flanks in A tier?

    B: Skye and Catalyst Pip. Yes, Pip is a flank on here because I really don't want to deal with the "WhErE's PiP??!?" crowd. Skye before her smoke and dagger nerf was actually A tier, possibly S tier if you asked some people. Though now she's a solid pick to round out a draft and a bit more niche due to her nerfs. It doesn't help that she has like a million counters. Pip is in the same boat as Skye. He can heal his team and has great sustain. Though he falls off due to the fact that he has a million counters and the nerf to catalyst brought him down as well.

    C : Zhin and Moji are very situational. Zhin needs a pocket just like Koga, except Koga can be invincible more often, has a higher dps, and has more consistent vertical mobility. The only reason you would Zhin is if Koga had a pocket, so you also get a pocket and farm him. Or if the team has both Lian and Terminus, so you just keep reflecting their ults while avoiding Lian's burst with Billow. Other than that, he's not all that great. Moji is very situational, like Brightmarsh and Jaguar Falls, or if she has a million pockets on mid sized maps. Evie herself is good, but a lot of console Evies are bad. She's C tier because the 5 godtier Evie players on console and the 100 good Evie players on console aren't enough to make up for the 500,000 console Evie players that feed.

    D : Lex is just bad, and no, console doesn't make him better. There is literally never a reason to pick this man. If going Death Hastens, just pick Androxus or Lian. If going his other talents, just pick Talus or Koga.

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