European servers are possibly laggy since yesterday?

  • I'm unsure if they are because the issue could be simply caused by my wifi connection but (and that's why I'm making this post: to see if I'm the only one) the game has been unplayable on my end since yesterday as my matches had very high ping of about 800 and enemies + allies teleporting left and right without end. In these few days I wanted to try out talus more but I can't do it because I can't react to anything and I can't trace at all..

    Just to give some details: these issues never appeared in the first match where I was able to play normally but from the second one onwards things spiraled down quickly. This hasn't happened since a long time, not even before the pc lag improvements were released. At this point I'd believe it's talus himself cause it's when I started playing him that all of this occurred the same time, what.

    If any experienced the same could they let me know?

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