• I know this might have been said before I wanna say & ask too. Shalin is not really that good now , many other champions like Cassie , Lian are there with same kind of damage but so much movement and flexibility , and plz don't argue about planted being helpful , first of all planted is so loud " RRREEEEAAADDDY" and no movement bro u r inviting those headshots and that stun is so hard to hit trying to catch people near wall huh !? Can he get some Kind of movement buff or something to make the kit better plzzzzZz hi Rez ,
    thanks ,
    A struggling shalin player

  • kamivs uploaded a new Sha Lin commentary yesterday, might want to check that out.

    On other note I think he needs some HP buff. Sha is not in his best place right now but too much buff could break him to OP

  • @Gao-Shun oh I did saw that we both on same track , is Sha Lin still good xD I have in my downloads he did his best got some good shots in start but he is a player, u saw that pip jump on his face on stairs right after spawn gate >< thats why u don't wanna use planted

  • PC

    sha is good, he's actually balanced, only thing is there are hitscans like strix/cassie so why would we take sha? it's like why pick imani?