My favorite Champion Concept with Images, Lumineil "The Mage of the Forest"

  • I still have a champion idea, this is one of my favorites and one of the most unique with the most creative spell kits. Trust me, this one's not op, it's a really really hard one. (I would say 2 times harder than Damba or Ying) but well mastered, he's a monster
    Luminiel "The magus of the forest" -Support-2000HP
    Lore: Luminiel was born in a clearing, the enchanted clearing of a very special forest. This forest was filled with magic trees and magnificent flowers, as well as the twilight sky where the galaxy can be seen. This forest was in fact the star forest, a forest containing within it the power of purity and space. The star forest was tamed by mages who then built an entire civilization, the Lumith. Normal humans who possessed the power of the stars. Luminiel was very different from the other Lumiths, he was very shy, cold, very distant and very mysterious but had a pure heart, a heart that forced him to help everyone and to comfort them.
    Luminiel's skin is made with the material of space, the power of the stars, the aurora borealis, the crystals of the planets as well as the light filled with its human skin. He grew up in an orphanage where he learned magic, art, hunting and everything he had to learn for one day living outside the forest. At his 17 years, he left the orphanage and became what was called a "vagrant", young people without houses who live with their magic and help the villages of the forest. He had learned magic but he did not know the limits of his powers. He had in him a particular source of enchantment of the stars, of nature, of purity and of light. For several months as a vagrant, he went from village to village in the forest in order to find meaning in his life, a precious heritage that needed to show itself. He helped a lot of villages with his magic and often did a lot of squads for village missions.
    One day, a voice calls to him, a voice of a man who resounded, it looked like the voice of a god. This voice asked Luminiel to go to the other side of the world, to the capital of the Kingdom. He asked for his help because a great danger threatens the whole Earth. Luminiel decided to go there and take everything he had. During the road, Luminiel encountered big obstacles, unknown monsters and creatures which let imagine the trauma. Luminiel touched death many times, but that voice healed him and brought him the determination.
    Once in the capital, Luminiel went to a particular place, in front of a door with a crystal symbol with wings. When he entered, a young woman welcomed him, she owned a crossbow and had it presented to everyone. So at the end of the presentations, she made him introduce Jenos, the one who sent the call. Jenos needed the power of Luminiel, Luminiel accepted without hesitation and swore to give his strength. For weeks, Paladins members trained him in battle and awakened his magic, the magic of the forest. But also all that the world had different than the Forest where he lived his entire childhood at. He became one of the champions of the Paladins and the representative of the forest.

    Design: Luminiel will have white hair with short rainbow reflections (golden skin color) and they will have bursts of galaxies. His eyes will be blue, his skin will have light blue / purple / pink / red galactic reflections and an enchanted tree tattoo that sparkles on his heart. He will also have a halo made up of northern lights and flying white crystals and wings made of star material with the feathers which will be light auras of all colors (genre of comets). Hair color to know better: Diamond from the Houseki No Kuni series
    His clothes: He will have a white coat with pastel rainbow metal corners, diamond ornaments (color: rainbow golden skin), a closure with buttons that will be golden cones, protection of the gold wrist, a waistcoat (only the vest) in dark blue / purple color with constellations and stars, shining blue runes. He will have black pants (very black) and medium size leather boots with a diamond base, abstract shapes with a gold, on the front a poleyn (what we put on knight's armor on the knee fold) with patterns of astrological signs, runes that glow blue and infused white crystals. He will also have a white cape on the back which will have a symbol of the forest that shines in blue and at the back, the galaxy. He will have white gloves that will not cover his fingers.
    Primary Fire or LMB, Magic of the forest: Luminiel makes appear with his hand a spell circle which has flying petals, water, fawn, earth and crystals (to represent the earthly elements, the wind is not a land element, it is a primal element) at its feet. It moves the circle horizontally to inflict 650 damage every second within a radius of 12 meters per circle. It can pierce enemies and has a maximum range of 240 units. (projectile speed: 280) 7 ammo.

    Q, Enchanted Portal: Luminiel places a portal on a magic circle which lasts 8s and which teleports the ally in a trance. During this trance, the ally will see the map in space and will have a speed boost of 30% and a damage reduction of 15% for 4.5s. Only the 2 allies with the lowest health will be allowed to borrow it. 15s recharge

    F, Aurora Veil: Luminite levitates for 8s to leave a trail of Aurora Borealis and stars which heals the HP of the allies within 500HP in 2s (2 times only). Your speed is increased by 50% and you can fly with an average climb (F of Imani before, or it would be too OP). If you don't use your spell to move, don't move and you shoot these Aurora trail to the allies at a range of 100 units (a little more than Ash). 13s (TwT the cooldowns...)

    Right Click, Twilight Nature: Luminiel calls the 5 elements, Nature, Water, fire, Earth and Crystal to aim (you thought it wouldn't be that hard right?) a magic light on an ally who gains 700HP. This light has an fast speed projectile and jumps from allies to allies that are within 30 units of distance. The light jumps 10 times in 2s and heals the affected ally of 300HP. At the end of this, Luminiel aims for a place to plant a magic tree covered with flowers, crystals, multicolored leaves and a magical aura that heals 250HP/s for 6.5s within a radius of 40 units. (on the other hand it is very hard to aim so if you will screw up the rebound + the tree, you will aim next). 16s cooldown (yeah, a heal spell is that long)

    E, Constellation Magestique: Luminiel changes the sky and puts a starry sky of blue and purple color, there are stars, northern lights, the moon and comets (it will be TOO BEAUTIFUL !!), Luminiel has 3 shots. The first shot is a burst that explodes into an aquatic tornado with a veil of ice that deals 700 damage to the enemies affected, the second shot is a trail of tree branches with plants and a flowerbed that goes forward where you aim, and inflicts 500 damage to the enemies affected and the last shot is a channel of stars and constellations it shoots on the allies and explodes (explosion size: Bomb of Imani). During 5s after the ult, the allies affected will have a speed bonus of 20%, damage increased by 10%, reduction of controls by 20% and a shield of 250HP.
    This ultimate motivation limits of 10% to 7% per purchase.
    Lvl. 1, Lunar Teleportation: Luminiel has 2 portal charges, The 2 allies with the lowest health can borrow it and teleport to the first portal and receive 1000HP, and can borrow it only for the return. (1 return trip per portal). The gate has 6000HP and lasts 13s
    Lvl. 2, Aurora Glaciale: Veil Aurora is a trail of dawn that inflicts 700 damage to enemies affected, it recharges 3s faster but you can no longer heal or fly (Same speed as your right click).
    Lvl. 8, Efferent Nature: You no longer plant the end tree, but the first heal ally will take 1250HP instantly (and can't recieve jumping light heals) and each jumps heals from 400PV and are attracted to allies who lack HP. Charges 10s faster

    Interesting Cards:
    -Staying near an Enchanted Portal heals you from 50HP / 50HP per seconds -You can borrow enchanted portal below 15% HP / 15% HP
    -Sail Aurora recharges 0.5s / 0.5s faster -The speed of Aurora Veil increases by 10% / 10% -The maneuverability of the flight with Aurora Veil increases by 7% / 7% -The recharge time of Aurora Veil resets if you go below 15% HP / 15% HP
    -You take care of 50HP / 50HP by allies treated with Twilight Nature - (Without the talent) Twilight Nature recharges 1s / 1s faster
    -You have 50HP / 50HP more -Each elimination reduces the recharging times in progress by 10% / 10%

    In short, what do you think?

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  • The level 8 talent will be the only viable talent, you cant have a heal on that long of a cool down in a game like paladins. Most heals in paladins can be used reactionary and preemptively on both tanks and squished. This heal ability without the talent has a downtime of 9.5 secs... That's a crazy amount of time where you cant heal. He would never be able to run as main support. I think Corvus's heal cooldown is too long and its 4 secs...
    I don't really understand the portal. Why would u need DR when you are up in space and cant be damaged?
    The ultimate is underpowered. Instead of 3 shots that each do different things that you can only do in one order, I suggest having it something like this:

    All other abilities are unavailable while channeling Constellation Magestique. Instantly use 25% of the ult. Each shot afterward will deplete 25% of the ult charge. Reactivating the ability will end the ult. You can use each shot more than once (This increases the skill floor of the ult bc you can choose how to use each individual shot instead of being locked into the same 3 in the same order).

    LMB: a burst that explodes into an aquatic tornado with a veil of ice that deals 600 damage and slows enemies affected by 25% (Stacks slow) (Reduced damage because otherwise you can 3 shot most flanks and some dmg and we don't want that on a support ult)

    RMB: a trail of tree branches with plants and a flowerbed that goes forward where you aim and heals affected allies for 800 (I added a straight heal because the way you had it made no sense, the first shot is 700 dmg, the second is 500 with no extra effects?)

    F: a channel of stars and constellations it shoots on the allies and explodes (explosion size: Bomb of Imani). During 5s after this shot, the allies affected will have a speed bonus of 20%, damage increased by 10%, reduction of controls by 20%, and a shield of 250HP (All effects stack)

    ^ That's my recommendation, but I don't expect you to really use it. It would be very powerful if mastered correctly but can also easily be whiffed. One is a dmg option, one is a defensive ult/heal option, and one is an aggressive/utility option.

    If you read this all thank you!

  • @TheDarkSpirit12041 😂 these are all way to complicated. If a skill requires more than a sentance to explain it overdone for paladins.

  • @U536000235 Hi, I read your comment and I'm very honored that you put your feedback.

    I actually wanted to put a long cooldown even thought I knew it was really long because I wanted a champion that's not like the other ones and not like the other champion concepts. I thought that no matter if he's too strong or too bad it would change from the other champions that are in my taste too "similar". I realised that putting his heal at 5 or 4s was too "basic" from the other supports so I wanted to put a lot of healing abilities

    By the way, this is very hard to make a strong champion that is very unique (that doesn't have same cooldowns, mechanics, similaries)

  • @TheDarkSpirit12041 Great to see someone this interested and putting so much effort into a champion concept, tbh u should make ur own game xd, won't be so laggy and buggy, u've already thought of like 5 possible champions. The new mechanics you brought in it with this kit are clearly thought out, yet not fitting the style of Paladins in my opinion, seeing the map in space whilst also being in first person will be extremely freaky. The ult is great too, but would need waaaay too much work to look a little appealing in the slightest. Yet I genuinely have to give u the fact of how much work u put into it, props, the art is great, concept is great, but not so fitting in paladins in my opinion. Btw, we could use another carry in our party xd and u seem like a kind, non-toxic person. Wanna join us sometimes?

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