Lore: The Dragon's story, The Dragon's Call

  • Dragons are creatures who ruled the world thanks to their devastating force. Burning villages when their unsatisfaction take over. Filled with greed and cold blood, the people could not resist it any longer. Over time, groups have formed to get rid of them. The groups were formed back in the moment when dragons wanted food from animals, the humans couldn't find wild anymals in the quantity and desperately tried to mask the taste with vegetal ingredients, they were formed in the streets and people joined it by showing them what they're great at. But one particular group devised one of the plans that revolutionized the entire kingdom as well as the whole story of the dragons.

    The other groups completed their plan, but the dragons destroyed them all without difficulty. This group has devised a plan to get rid of a single dragon. Suspicions among this guild say that a dragon, one of the largest ever seen, would have the power and strength to command all the others. This group brought together several warriors and decided to attract a single little dragon. This dragon was killed and we took its scales to make armor.
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    The procedure of this plan was to capture more and more dragons to make more equipments, to manipulate them to their death and trap them in time. All organised by the leaders. The crews spreaded out everywhere in the kingdom to fight dragons in secret while gattering ressources to the kingdom and organising themselves to make it uneven for the dragons. As well as keeping the secret by poisoning the dragons' foods
    As this group became much more popular in the kingdom but secret among dragons, many more dragon equipment was created and many more warriors joined the organization. A final step was devised by the group's leaders. They were going to control one of the most powerful dragons. A black dragon with purple and fiery wings and scales.
    The group attracted the dragon and took on the air of servants, they flattered the dragon with gold and food and at the same time made their way to a place. They walked towards the hollow of a gigantic black mountain then attacked the dragon. The much cunning dragon despite his wounds hid many more dragons in the mountain. This mountain was called the Scorched Earths, a dark volcano had a shape of dragon mouth, where the dragons of the whole planet were born. The dragon threatened the adventurers to leave this mountain in exchange for sparing them. The adventurers withdrew and the dragons invaded those who dared to challenge the dragon.
    Back at the marker, the group drew up their last plan, accompanied by the sounds of dragons invading and threatening the villagers. The dragon went to their village and offered them a challenge.
    The group went with the warriors to the place indicated, a golden dragon palace. This challenge called "call of the dragon" is a tradition that defines peace in both species. This place had 2 large towers decorated with gold and obsidian which contained a blue sphere. With outside the arena two other much larger towers which contained chains for those who prevented them from escaping. In this test, the group was challenged by the abductees, equipped with draconic armor and watched by the original Dragon who placed himself below the volcano. The goal was to place the blue ball towards the enemy camp in 4 rounds.
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    If the group wins, peace and control of the dragons will be assigned to them, but if they lose the dragons will take advantage of humans for their devastating desires and will not treat them like slaves.
    After the end of this test, the group lost. The captured were stronger because of the dragons who gave them advice and threatened to not help the group. Before the Elder Dragon confirmed, a hooded person entered the arena, controlling a special magic because it could control fire and ice at the same time. She succeeds in taming the elder dragon and restoring peace between the two species. This person is the first of the "Warders".

    Several centuries later, the group shared a heroic memorial in the kingdom, as well as the dragon arena that was used to tame new dragons among the Warders, mages including the dragons and combining their forces to face the darkness.
    The arena contains a central house that is overlooked by many rows of spectator seats. Opposite of the seats is a balcony and a gate that leads over the edge of the cliff. At the middle of the seating area is a large golden statue of a dragon. These suggest that the dragons were a massive influence on the Warders' way of life, as the whole civilization often took part in witnessing whenever a new Warder would attempt to tame a new dragon. Dragons were also seemingly revered, given the valuable golden statue.
    But without Warders, the power of the dragon mages remains locked in the crystal which awaits the return of its master, a new Warden. However in the arena of the dragon, the beacon is always lit ... The forces of the Paladins and the Resistance, Valera and Karne are attracted by this power. On the other hand, rare are the only ones who can resist the call of the dragon, and to discover which artifact belonged to the Warders is protected inside to face the darkness... !

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