Return of Hipfire Viktor

  • Decided to try and play Viktor the way i started playing him. HIPFIRE
    I was doing it for fun but i was surprised to find that this worked really well.
    The hot potato really allowed me to use my nades more reflexive rather than predictive. Made a big difference in every encounter.
    Ill play some more and maybe upload a match with it later.

  • Maybe not his most effective loadout but most fun for sure. I also play him like this.

  • PC

    If Shrapnel wasn't a talent that really did very little for Vik, then yeah I would say this would be pretty good. The problem with Hipfire Vik, at least in competitive terms, is that it has nothing to help it be competitive with the consistent damage of ADS Vik. It's not actually bad though because of the cards. If Shrap was buffed to not be, well, garbage (40% AoE increase does pretty much nothing if you can consistently hit nades), this build may actually be a very competitively viable alternative to ADS. Though I would debate to put more investment into Grenadier so that way you have more uptime on the large AoE nades and instead lower Hot Potato to rank 2.

    Of course not saying we need old Shrap, f*** no, that would be pretty broken with the new Guerilla. It just needs something aside from more AoE to be good compared to Burst, and yeah this would actually be competitively viable.

    I will say though I personally run a Grenade focused Burst Vik build, and it works really well for me even as high as Plat/Dia ranked. Has Grenadier rank 4 along with Fire in the Hole 1, with of course the standard ADS cards (Reflexes, Predator, Firing Stance) along with it. Gives you consistent uptime on grenades so you can pretty much have uptime on as much damage as possible.

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