This Week in the Realm | June 22 - 28

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    June may almost be over but we’re only just ramping up for what’s coming next to Paladins! Make sure you tune in this week because we have some special announcements and maybe even some teasers coming your way!

    Here’s what you can expect this week:

    • Fan Forge Winners
      • We will be announcing our winners finally coming Wednesday, so look forward to it! We had 20 winners who’s designs will be purchasable as merchandise and one grand prize winner who’s custom avatar will be in the game in the future.
    • World Wide Chest
      • This chest will be live on Wednesday and is a new version of itself. No longer having weapon skins, this chest features skins like Street Style Maeve (first appearance since Battle Pass), as well as the brand new Freegle Drogoz and ‘Merican Mustang mount!
    • Paladins Summer Finals
      • The Paladins Summer Finals have arrived! Whether you’re looking to follow your favorite players or catch the highest level of competition in the Realm, be sure to join us this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday starting at 1:00pm ET for the show.
        You can find our entire event schedule along with our Summer Finals format over on, and tune in on or daily!

    We’ll see you in the Realm!

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