Through the Warp Public Service Announcement


    IT BLOWS!!!


    • 31.5 Units Per Dash

    • 31.5 x 0.05 = 1.575 Units Per Point , Per Dash

    • 1.575 x 5 x 3 = 23.625 Units for 3 dashes and 5 points



    Use ELUSIVE instead


  • This card should be changed to 3|3 units. Which would put it back to 10%. But it would be more clear what its actually doing.

  • PC

    Yeah Elusive is straight-up better for the exact same thing. Frankly, there's no reason to even use it in most dash builds at all... There's also other good cards to run like Abyss Walker, Seething Hatred/Power of the Abyss (Should be ran together), Quick Draw (obviously), Watchful... Through the Warp, though, is absolute garbage.

    I mean I'm not even experienced with the character or flankers in general and I feel like I can say this.

  • PC

    @Shadowpuppy Through the warp was my main card in andro. I didn't use it after the nerf

  • I just checked it at shooting range, Elusive 5 gives you about 25 extra units traveled in those 3 seconds. Yeah, you can delay the dashes to get 9 seconds of extra movement speed, but good Andros usually dash midair in quick succession doing flick shots in-between. Being harder to hit during that thanks to Through The Warp shouldn't be underestimated.
    Elusive looks like a damage playstyle option, and Through The Warp is a flank option.

  • I always run Elusive 5, it's just too good. Makes you so speedy.

  • @U1322272759 I am a flanker and Elusive is pretty strong. Drifting at 40% movement speed is really good. The distance you can cover is pretty large as well. When you use your dash to hard push someone you end very fast and its hard for people to even track you as your blowing them up. Really effective against lian and cassie and snipers.

  • Oh, I didn't know movement speed affected Drift. Normally movement/flight abilities are only affected by a card related to them. Yeah, I suppose Elusive might be a better card.

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