Androxus Game Play Walk Through


    I thought this game was a good learning game that highlights some important flank insites that highlight some important knowledge. The last point fight and what i do is critical and is how we won a lost match. This starts out 3-0 so the first 8 or 9 minutes you can see me making mistakes trying to figure out what we need to do.

    • 2:54 I hear Strix go Invise to my left.
    • 3:26 I am just holding the stairs so Inara can fight 1 direction. I do not need kills only presence.
    • 3:35 I see a low health Strix and push him, was really a mistake but, it worked out because Seris heal showed me where we was.
    • 4:06 I see that they have abandon the stairs, too hard to get up them with me and dredge spam, so i rotate to the other side.

    I got way too hyper focused on killing that Seris and it got me killed, i should have disengaged once i missed all those shots.
    First match of the day so my aim is not to good right now. I am missing so much.

    As you can see its not going well, I am going to try a more aggressive flank.

    5:51 I engage Strix and the healer instantly heal bots him
    5:59 I am low and they are coming for me no doubt.

    This is critical to point out.
    I am going to die, the position I am in there is no escape.
    I could try some dash away but 99% of the time, this is death.
    But the question is where do i want to die?
    My thought is, I want to pull them back away from point before dying

    Strix was heading down the ramp till he heard my dashes.
    My hiding dashing and reversal where enough time to start out of combat healing and now I am in the backline with full health

    Seris is shooting at me again and now some more Strix shots.
    I did not even notice the out of combat healing till 6:08
    I was like how did i get healed, so i decided that ulting was good option.

    6:11 I kill Strix, i have tied up the healer and strix for 20 seconds. That is an eternity and as a result my team is doing pretty well.

    6:35 I hard push Buck, huge mistake and i pay for it with my life....
    I was feeling pretty strong after that 20 second shenanigans.
    That mistake was a big mistake on my part and its why we lost this point fight.
    Me dying allowed Buck to just walk into my backfield and disrupt my team so they could not focus point.

    7:22 im not trying to kill anything i just want people to look at me.
    Buck hard commits and i run away, not winning against Buck with Seris behind him however, I have pulled his Jump as well as attention. This is a key thing with flanks, if you do not have anything to do you should try and get people to shoot at you.
    Everyone at that range are outside of my effective range, i cant really do much with where everyone is but i need to be doing something. So i draw fire so the people that can fight at that range have less pressure and can do work.

    The ramp is good for me and now i have Buck fighting where i have heals and he does not. Nothing special I am just keeping Buck under control. He gets annoyed and over commits. He kills me but dies doing it. I would have rather not died but he is the only my team cant deal with so as long as he is dead I am ok with being dead.

    8:04 i see a strix tracer that tells me where he is and i get a little silly in my attack on him.
    I probably should have been punished hard for this dumb play.
    8:12 I come to my senses, I peek one shot to make him think i am going to play the peek game. Then turn to point.
    You will notice that I attacked and then knowing Strix was about to round that corner I dashed to a place to line of sight him.

    I over commit to killing Seris again, am I ever going to learn?

    9:27 I am coming out of spawn and my entire team is alive and healthy.
    Because of this i can wait, no one needs saving.
    Buck is down so i just watch to see whats going on.
    I see Strix hard scoped. Entire team hard pushes and I see the Strix push up.
    Big mistake on his part, he should have stayed back. I was so excited when he through that flash bang right before i attacked.

    9:41 I see that low Seris and it takes allot of will power to not make the same mistake again.
    I do not push her and she goes invis and I reposition to kill her this time.

    1/3 its pretty rough match, i know the aggressive flank is not going to work this time. But i have to be aggressive and draw alot of attention if my team is going to be able to do things.

    But I have to deal with Buck before I can do too much.
    10:50 I see him running the normal flank route so I am going to dismount him.
    He dismounts him self and I get a lucky Head shot and a body shot.
    Buck has gotten cocky I guess and makes a huge mistake in pushing me anyway.

    Kinessa is down but so is Strix, I need to play damage role for a bit.
    I came down here to support Inara and her getting knocked off the map made me regret this decision.
    Time to play peak master 5000. I had dashes but i did not want to use them to escape.
    I need to be aggressive grrrrr and I am just looking for something.

    That ying clone and her healing was clutch in my ability to play this position. Props to the healer.

    11:20 I see two of my people pushing hard left... Aggressiveness ... Yes this is where i need to be. Grrrr
    I get a quadra kill.
    Almost kill Seris coming out of spawn keeping her from going to point and then ult Strix to pretty much win the point no contest.

    12:00 Cap the point and i try really hard to keep the momentum and it goes really well. Note no Buck !!!
    Buck dies at 13:18... He has been spawn camping kinessa this entire time and that is why im just having a hayday over here.
    If they had not killed him we would have probably pushed this in. I got so many credits because Buck was not there to keep me under control. It was also a mistake on his part because he is one of the two people on his team with cauterize. Our healer was having a good old time.

    15:07 I am thinking the same thing, I need to stop Buck from flanking too hard core before I can do other things.
    I hear the buck jump he is not jumping this way so he must be running. I drop down and I do not see any of my targets I want.
    Well i guess Ash will have to do...

    15:33 This is very important.... My team has lost the tank and the sniper. We are down, but i do not want to run to my side.
    I want to keep them honest so they do not get a zone that my team has to use every skill they have to just break through.
    I want them to come for me so I poke enough so they know I am there.
    I have pulled Lian back, Buck dismounted at his spawn and used a jump and Seris is back here too.

    Saying Alive to pull the team away from zoning was what allowed my team to retake the point so quickly.

    I die but my team retakes and goes from 40% to 94% point capture before the other team can get back on and I am back to watch it end with not much assistance from me to win the final.

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