Linux support and EAC

  • Hello all!, Especially devs, instead of locking the thread down please at least read what I and many other people has to say. Because some mods here immediately lock the topic, preventing our voice to be heard. Don't do that, at least give it time for this to to be read by the devs.

    Paladins was able to run just fine on Linux before the new EAC, the game still runs fine but whenever we login to an online game the EAC kicks us out immediately.
    Now there is a rumor, there are multiple people who contacted EAC and learned that the problem is not with the EAC because developers have an option to enable WINE & Proton support within their side.

    Quoting the proof;

    It is surprising, but EAC dll knows about wine, properly detects it and
    tries to download the version of module compatible with wine (from generated
    uuid>), but unfortunately such a version does not exists on cdn. I don't
    know how game developers interacting with EAC developers and how they're
    making a decision about what modules to provide, but looks like no windows
    game developers were enabled wine support.

    You can read it further in the link below:

    I love the game, I used to play a lot and installed windows several times just for the game, I supported it in the beta and I played it on my switch but switch version doesn't feel the same as PC. here you can see the proof of many people that wants to play this on their linux machines also:

    We don't need a separate linux version, game runs fine (actually better than on windows) with the Proton and WINE we just want a solution for the EAC.

    A negative or positive comment would be fine. You can say that the rumors aren't correct etc. but please at least give a reply, everybody feels like that they are left in the dark. You can say it's gonna be supported in an undisclosed time or it will never going to be supported.

    I can understand that this is not the decision of a single individual, that it takes multiple internal meetings and discussions in the company and the solution is not as simple as flipping a switch to support Linux, the solution will probably take multiple hours of work of the developers to implement it successfully but I'm 100% sure that this topic is discussed in the company and the people are not informed yet because of some uncertainties but it's been a very long time.

    Also, guys please don't insult the devs or the studio here, you are just making it worse. They work hard enough for the games and the community.

  • I support this. Please give us a little bit of information regarding Linux support. Paladins on "Linux"!!!

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