Champion Concept: Zirek, Primal Fury

  • Lore:
    Zirek's clan of the Red River Lizard-folk lives secluded and in harmony with the neighboring orcs. Primitive in life style but one of the few advanced Lizard folk communities to contrust complex structures such as huts and gardens and their own village that reflected the orcs, they weren't meant to be seen as a foe. However, despite their intelligence, hide and scaling of this rare Lizard folk breed urged many hunters to cash in some gold.

    Zirek was out on a hunt and returned to see an ambush just finish, his mate slaughtered and their daughter impaled with the arrow that belonged to a famous Hunter, who's daughter recently just been cured from a curse. He picked up one of the bows and quivers from one of the dead hunters, realizing it's crystal magic empowering it, and vowed to restore what was taken from his: a daughter for a daughter. Being intelligent, he understood the Common language, and joined the Resistance to get one step closer to revenge.![0_1593225206359_Naga.jpg](Uploading 100%)

    Name: Zirek
    Role: Damage
    Species: Lizardfolk
    Gender: Male
    Faction: Resistance
    Title: Primal Fury

    HP: 2200

    LMB | Scavengers’ Bow: Shoot the arrows from the mysterious crystal bow, dealing 750 damage every 0.8s. Ammo: 8 arrows.

    RMB | Unmarked Prey: Spit on your arrow with your sickening body fluid, and cause nausea effect on the enemy hit with the arrow, dealing your 750 damage. CD: 8s.

    Q | Predatory: Camouflage your scaling to blend in with the environment around you. Shooting does not expose you, but you do move 20% slower when turning camouflage. A faint haze is present when you camouflage CD: Has an energy bar that is green in color and will deplete overtime when used.

    F | Unnatural: Fire a green arrow in a straight line, with a trail that resembles green crystals behind it. Only the user can travel this trail that has a base hp of 1500 that can be broken. Lasts until broken. CD: 8s.

    E | Evolution Carcass: Utilize the entire energy of your bow, unleashing a mysterious black arrow in the sky. The arrow stops at its peak after 1.25s of it being released, it explodes into a fury of smaller arrows that cripples enemies when hit. Crippled for 2s and has the nausea effect applied.

    Voice line (everyone): “Marfedelom ui zalarthril!” (“Death is natural!” in draconic)
    [Pronounced: Mar fee day lum oul sal are thrill]

    Movement Passive (Sticky Webbing): Zirek can climb on walls and other surfaces and able to stick onto them for up to 5s (stamina bar regens 10% every 0.4s) as well as climb around on them. He is able to be camouflaged and use all his abilities while on the walls.

    Cold Blooded - Remove the slow penalty on Predatory and extend Sticky Webbing by 2s.

    Natural Predator - Unmarked Prey also applies a poison effect, draining 500hp in 3s. Allows 3 arrows of the spit to be shot, but extending the cooldown by 3s.

    Covenant - Passively regen Predatory by an extra 5% and allows allies to utilize Unnatural.


    1. The nausea effect blurs the vision of the user and changes the fov constantly, but slowly, while enduring it. It also applies a small green tint to the environment. It doesn’t end until a total of 400hp is healed by/to the user inflicted with it, whether through default healing, a card that self-heals, life rip/steal or kill to heal, or out of combat regen. Can be cleansed by cleaning abilities. Can not be removed through resilience.
    2. For Predatory, imagine the haze effect from Halo when you use camouflage.
    3. The range of Unnatural is 100 units.
    4. He is 20% slower during Predatory.

    I wanted a bow champ. As my 5th installment, I thought adding a more realistic combat approach to a further technologically advanced war would be a great idea. I'm all about mixing stealth and sneakiness to potentially a very satisfying feel when you play this champion. He brings in the idea of a "sit and wait" kind of aesthetic, and certainly card would play in the favor to have a certain play style match up perfectly, no matter who you main. As always, feedback would be greatly appreciated!

    Zirek's Looks