This Week in the Realm | June 29 - July 5

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    It’s time for our next Update Show, Champions!

    To get you prepared, we have a list of everything in store for you as we enter the month of July! You may have already seen a few teasers, and you can definitely expect more, let’s just say we can bet a shooting star on it.

    Here’s some of the highlights for this coming week

    • More Teasers
      • You love them and we have more! Check out our next one around 12 PM ET today and maybe tomorrow if you wish upon a star.
    • Update Show
      • As you probably guessed, Wednesday is going to be the next Update Show where we’ll coverall the new content coming to Paladins! Make sure you tune in and follow along with us using the update notes on
    • Esports
      • With the Paladins Summer Finals concluded, Phase 1 relegations are just over the horizon – giving prospective players a chance to join the Paladins Pro Circuit. Stay tuned to later this week for instructions on how to participate, and who knows, your squad could even earn a spot for Phase 2!

    Weekly Champion Rotation
    Rotates every Wednesday at 4AM ET

    • Torvald
    • Tiberius
    • Koga
    • Pip

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    It's Wednesday today... where is the update notes?

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    @NoMemeNoLife Stream should be in 3 hours 👀

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