How to buff Skye

  • Hi!

    Skye is a rarely pick on ranked. Moreover, Skye is rarely picked anywhere. But she is realy close to be viabley, you know. While Some and Daggers was just a little bit stronger she was absolutly meta.
    I just decided to add two simply and slightly buffs onto the parts of her kit what need it the most.

    • Increase the speed while using Hidden by 15%.

    Sealth doesn't help her as a flanker as much as she needs. She also needs some mobility.

    • Increase the the fully effective range of Time Bomb from 25 units to 50 units.

    Time Bomb never deals its max damage, coz it starts to fall too soon. It's dmg isn't that great anyways based on its fuse time. With the increased radius she couldget kills with it too, not just make space.

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