AoC Meeting #27 by Jay Flare

  • Jay Flare, one of the Assembly of Champions members, has posted a new video where he and other AoC members discuss upcoming changes to the game with Evil Mojo.

    Here's the link

    Video main notes (by me):

    • Upcoming nerfs to sustain meta. Either buffs to Cauterize or nerf to champions with a lot of sustain (Talus, Buck etc. Rip Seris?)
    • Evie 200 ranked games skin will be available in future through other measures. Grohk's ranked skin will not be available however, as it is Limited.
    • Atlas buffs. Possibility of reducing self slow and cast time of his ult. They don't want to add DR to it or make him use all his abilities in his ult.
    • Grohk totem placements improvement confirmed. Also some healer Grohk buffs.
    • Bomb King nerfs. Nothing too specific
    • Devs dont want to nerf Andro and feel like he is in good spot right now.
    • No splasharts for skins in the menu screen.
    • Possibility of bringing ability to sell item if one didn't leave spawn in case of missclicks. Not 100% confirmed tho.
    • Possibility of increasing price for Master Riding
    • They don't want to buff Resilience and are happy where it is at 😭
    • Less damage fall-off on Torvald. They are still looking into reworking him at later date, however.
    • Imani Pyromania is teased to be reworked into making Pyreballs explode in AoE every time instead of every 2 hits (with reduced numbers)

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    This one sounds a bit mixed for me.

    The good:

    • Atlas ult buffs. Yay. His ult is terrible, and it almost feels like a waste to use in most situations. Better this than the weapon buffs tbh. Don't want Season 2 Atlas, just want Atlas to be more consistent with the tools in his kit.
    • Self-sustain nerfs. Hope they don't buff Caut back up though. What I would rather see happen is just nerfing certain self-heals like Buck's and a few cards of Talus'.
    • Grohk Heal buffs. Grohk is so awful right now when played as anything but damage, so yay. It feels like he can barely heal worth anything. Hopefully they're going to make the amp on his damage also on his heal, that would be nice.
    • Bomb King Nerfs. BK is WAY too dominant in the meta right now... So I'm very happy he's getting nerfed. But at the same time, they've said the BK nerfs from 3.2 (I believe?), never actually went through, so...
    • They suggested they'll buff the damage of certain tanks back up. Nando and Khan getting damage buffs? I hope that's what this means, because Nando is mediocre at best and Khan's ABOUT to be after they nerf Vortex Grip.
    • Master Riding's going to get nerfed. That nerf will possibly change the way I play Barik and itemization at high level, will just have to see. If that's the case, I may start buying Caut on Barik first buy instead (I buy MR first on him atm).

    The bad:

    • No mention of Io nerfs. When she has the highest winrate on average of every champion in the game and is pretty much just as good as Bomb King is.
    • They hinted at actually BUFFING Resilience's cost. Ugh, why... The problem isn't resilience being "too weak" (lol), it's CC being too strong. And the AoC actually told them to do this.
    • They're not nerfing Androxus. When he's really good right now, especially at high level on console. The Ammo card needs to be something different. It was a totally AWFUL idea and I saw Andro being too good coming.
    • I like their idea for Pyromania, but this leaves Ice Imani in an even worse state while fire Imani might become meta. Net loss to me in the end.
    • Looks like Rejuvenate buffs are not the AoC's priority let alone Evil Mojo's. Can sort of see why (with the sustain meta and all) but it's very disappointing because of just how bad it is right now. The ONLY character that EVER buys this past Gold-Plat is Inara.
    • No mention of Ash anywhere. Ash is already really strong right now, and she's going to get a QoL buff pretty soon. She's going to be potentially a early pick or a ban in ranked. I've ALREADY seen her banned a couple of times, actually.

    In other words, I'm more disappointed with the AoC than Evil Mojo, but it's generally a mixed bag for both here. Also, seriously, streamer avatars for the game? This is more important than Io being busted? ...What?

  • Good:
    -nerf to sustain meta
    -leaving my Andro in peace

    -not removing the dog's ability to cap point

  • PC

    This post is deleted!

  • Jay Flare is speaking about cauterize should be nerfed.
    Jay Flare shows a video meanwhile, where he plays with a champion with only one item: Cauterize3.

    If it need buff, why everybody picks it? 😂

    Don't you think that OP heals should be nerfed rather?

  • @KicsitCsicska it makes no difference is they nerf caut as uou cant kill anything without it. Even if it was 20 40 60 it would still be must buy.

    The sustain meta blows, Being destroyed by 5 healers should not be a thing that works well.

  • With healing at the strength it is at now.

    I will keep stating that there needs to be more common anti heal mechanics aside from cauterise present in the game. The return of momentary anti heal abilities will usher in less of a requirement to pick cauterise first round.

    Lack of default cauterise vs combat heal values. Caut is too much of a gameplay feature to have as an item store item alone, any player with pumped healing will win trades vs a player without cauterise due to the ttk differance caused by healing.

    You should not have access to full recovery power while getting shot in combat. This is the power given to players unlesd caut is picked. The 1.5s anti heal pressure time caut creates is a huge dynamic that other hostile item cannot compete with, in order to mitigate the overall value of this item effect you may as well just make it a default utility.

    If your weapon attacks apply a 20% base Cauterise by default without active cauterise item.
    With perchaseable cauterise ranks of 40/60/80 anti heal values further on.

    And various ranks of 20/40/60/80/100% anti heal can be attacked to some common damage utility abilities to pressure recovery and reduce combat regeneration as a form of damage zoning aside from just dps.

  • Every champion should have built-in cauterize on weapon shots by default (75% or so), that's it. As it is, heals are OP in the first round, and everyone spends half their credits on Caut 3 every single match.

  • @Shadowpuppy This is why I suggested to add caut effect into the base kit and nerf the item caut. Just like:

    All attacks decrease healing by 30% for 1.5s, so you can get a kill without this cursed item.

    Nerf Cauterize: scaling: 25%->15%, cost: 300 -> 250

    It will be cheeper, so you will able to buy other various items as well.

  • @KicsitCsicska not reaally goung to changr anything. Still buying cauterize first pic. But noe I start the round with 45% caut and need 50 credits for 60%... Caut 3 online before first round is over every match.

  • @Shadowpuppy Caut isn't an option. It is a must pick. It doesn't let you to pick based on any personal preference. Literally everybody's items are almost all the time. This is what the current caut does. Because it is OP. Every OP items does the same: you just pick the same all the time and there are no variety among the gamestlyes. Just like Battle Shout cd reduce card in the last season. Do you remember? It has been nerfed for a good reason. It did the same as caut: you pick it or you lose. It isn't playing actually. It is knowing what the meta is.

  • The understanding of the game is knowing that cauterise and anti heal mechanics are a must to posses as they are hostility suppression mechanics that can reliably reduce exposure time by reducing HP recovery.

    Because the scale of cauterise is so vast.
    Legit being a scaling race in order to whither enemy exposure time on the frontlines.

    (However (thanks to poor design) its needed to stop. W + M1 + Regen drongo builds similar to lex and tigger. Very bad regen brawlers with piss poor objective utility and a cheesy ability.

    By enabling a minor level of anti heal on weapon hit, the caut dynamic will always be enforced, providing constant weapon hit into cover pressure awareness. The need to buy caut for regen supression first round is not as hard as foes will not be able to jump on you with access to full regeneration from self and pump healing.

    Caut needs to scale fairly, it is needed item to contend with the power of sustain healing being used as armour vs dps in active combat.

    The game meta needs to change to enable certain damage and hostility champs use weak forms of anti heal as utility as a form of area suppression zoning and damage pressure inorder to quell the value of regeneration on the frontlines and stress the need for cover vs abilites like oppressor mines applying %20 anti heal to zone out regen for example.

    Consider the hp vs ttk ratio of champions with sustain HP return will provide much greater HP overall what is given through Max HP cards.
    Some squishies get strong frontline tier self sustain cards while also able to fight in combat, while supports can't even heal themselves unless they have regen cards.
    I ain't going to lie.
    This current design sucks.

    Paladins needs to have a good look at other defence and endurance mechanics to work with other harm item effects present in game in order to reduce the focus on caut.
    Personal shields are just more HP with no protective properties and a weakness to anti shield with not enough gain.
    We still have no deployable HP armour dynamics.
    Certain champs have poor base self regen ability, without a base feature to account for it.
    Others are gifted healing for just being a dumb chapion to play and they need it to make it work.

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