Extra Game Modes (We All Need This)

    1. Wing Man - 5 teams of 2 would be amazing. Last team standing wins. Even if there are only 1 guy left it is counted as a team win.

    2. Warzone - 5vs5 you die you are eliminated no respawning. In this mode support is very pivotal.

    3. A alternate version of TDM. Instead of 1 round you have 2 rounds. Each team needs to win 2 rounds to win the match. Current TDM ends too quick in my humble opinion. Either that or update TDM and change the format, make it 2 rounds to win instead of 1. If team 1 wins the 1st round and team 2 wins the second round then we have a 3rd round which decides the final outcome.

    4. Horde - This game is the perfect game for a horde mode. Waves upon waves of players to kill. 30 waves and at the end of each waves 10 20 and 30 you fight 12 of each characters as a boss. Each boss wave includes 3 support 2 damage 2 flank and 2 frontline. This game can truly use a horde mode, something different to play with a friend or 2. Also add public horde where random players can team up to have fun. Create generic monsters and fighters to populate the waves, at the end of waves 10 20 and 30 after defeating all the generic monsters and players we get to fight 12 of the main characters as bosses. This mode has Rookie Moderate Pro and Insane. Defeating Rookie nets 10k Gold, Moderate 15K, Pro 25K and Insane 40k - 50k.

    5. Guardian - Two teams of 5vs5 on each team 1 player is the leader and we must protect him from being captured. If captured the 1st team to take the captured to the check point wins the match. Somewhat like PAYLOAD but it involves players. Teams need 2 rounds to win the match. Both team must protect their leader from the opposition, two leaders 1 on each team.

    6. Alternate version of ONSLAUGHT but instead of staying inside the circle. Once you capture the circle you can leave the circle and the other team must stand in their for a certain amount of time to break it. Same concept but this mode is more free-flowing. Teams don't have to camp inside the circle you can cap it and go battle. Once the circle has been capped your team get points regardless.

    7. Dodgeball - 5vs5 and 2vs2- team of 5. In this mode when a teammate dies you have to kill one of the opposition to revive them. Last team standing wins, simple as that.

    8. Free For All - This game needs a 10 man free for all mode. This is the mode to just go out and have fun, it doesn't matter what character you chose to play as, just go out there and enjoy the game. In this mode maybe do a rebalance of the characters for this mode so classes with less damage or no healers can match up. Maybe nerf healers in this mode and nerf the output of Damage/Flank class. Nerf healing abilities tremendously and nerf all the OP damage characters. Rebalance each class so they match up somewhat. This game call definitely use a every man for himself mode.

    9. Domination - There are three rings on the map at all times - Every second a team holds a ring earns them points towards the winning score limit – so holding two rings is the key to success. Rings take time to neutralize and capture, so controlling the areas of the map around a ring is just as important as capturing the ring itself. If all three rings are captured, Domination is achieved, instantly claiming round victory regardless of points scored. Achieving a Domination is a difficult feat, as the team will be stretched thin near the enemy spawn side – but the instant win reward and potential for clutch comebacks can make the risk worth it. Points to victory should be 400.

      Wing Man, Warzone, Guardian, Dodgeball, Domination, Alternate TDM, Alternate Onslaught
      and Horde Mode should be priority. The other modes is a give and take. I really hope you
      guys can implement some new modes because playing the same 3 modes over and over
      and over gets pretty BORING after a while. I really enjoy this game but it's a bit thin on game
      modes. I thought I would add my 2 cents and see if we can get a few new modes added. As
      long as Wingman, Warzone, Guardian, Dodgeball and Domination is on the priority list
      everything will be alright. This game is starving for extra game modes. I pray if any is reading
      this they will consider adding some of these modes if not all. This would inject new or more
      life into an already awesome game.

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    @AvidGameboi TBH I think everybody wants more game modes. But Developers should now focus on fixing bugs.

  • I am 2 weeks new to the game and I can already feel the dryness of only 3 game modes. How long can you rinse and repeat the same game modes before you start yawning. 3 to 4 new modes would really help things out. If there are tons of bugs which I am not aware of then yeah those are very important as well.

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