DPS/Support mains 3.3 Tier List

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    Reasoning for some of the placements:

    • Kinessa used to be situational and was ban worthy if she was viable in a given map. But now, she is not situational at all outside of two maps in the current ranked map pool which are BrightMarsh and Jaguar Falls. Her mobility is SO impactful in most of the maps and she is annoying to deal with for everyone other than flanks. When played by someone who is insane on her, flanking her won't be a walk in the park, its gonna be much harder. And with strix getting nerfed constantly, she is almost better than him now aswell.
    • Ying as a main healer is WAYYYY overrrated. But that's not why she is so good in the meta. Other than the caut nerfs that made her much stronger with LE, she is mainly strong because of how she can replace a DMG/Flank slot with her off heal talents and she is so much better as an off healer.
    • Viktor and Vivian are the best hitscans in the game. With Caut and Wrecker nerfs they are much harder to deal with now. They are both banned in pro play almost every time.
    • Skye is quite underrated. She can counter flanks quite well with the healing talent and keep her team topped off while flanking at the same time. She is a strong pick in the current double support meta. Her other talents can be good too or better than S&D in big maps but are only effective in the right hands and those are quite rare.
    • Seris is quite effective with Soul Collector as a solo support or as a 2nd healer. The main thing that stops her from being any higher/ as good as ying is because SC is hard countered by double shield and long maps+ it is like her best talent making her slightly situational since her other talents are outclassed by it. Seris can be played in long maps with SC but only if being played in a double supp comp however there are better picks to replace her as an off healer if enemy has double shield. But when this talent doesn't have any hard counters, she can potentially hard carry.
    • Lian isn't as strong as most people think she is. Dmg is the only thing she has and she is outclassed by other champs but her ult is insane. She is pretty good but not op anymore after going through alot of nerfs. She is balanced now.

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