Personal boosters

  • Hi everyone, lately I’ve noted that my 5% personal boosters from the battle pass are not working, I already unlocked all the 5% boosters but haven’t completed all the levels of the battle pass I don’t know if I need to complete the battle pass for them to activate so I need help with this problem
    (The boosters seemed to be working for a day because I won 700 coins per game while normally I only win 200 coins but at the next day I started earning only 200 coins again so I don’t know if it was a bug)

    Please help

  • Moderator

    On June 23-26, there was an event in game where you could get 2x more Gold and account XP.


  • Hmm that explains the boost in gold but how do I know if my personal boosters are active because I should get 50% more gold and I am not getting any boost at all

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