Best and Worst things in Patch 3.4

  • @AYYDIMITRI said in Best and Worst things in Patch 3.4:

    So shield no longer lasts forever.... that's not a buff...

    no. It just gives talents 4s CD of the shield instead of 2s cd off. There's nothing there mentioning duration removal.

  • @Dusklicious

    Personal Shields dynamics still suck at caut mitigation, and while they continue to be this way, ruckus and torvald will have issues providing standing power in the thick of it even with synergy through recovery.
    Imo Every tank needs to have an at the ready anti caut mechanic for standing power through recovery synergy with supports. They both have neither in a sustained firefight, and raum.... (actually lets not go there).

    Rukus has never had anti caut features built in and must always be forced to cover and operate trying to absorb as little firepower as possible while assaulting the enemy standing power, which is bad design as he cannot suppress the point and seek a healing window simultaneously... Which is a utility common among barrier tanks thus giving them more dominance in crossfire footholds.
    The fact that Rukus still needs another player barrier in order to work as a functioning unit in a firefight and still obtain a recovery window is beyond me.

  • @AYYDIMITRI said in Best and Worst things in Patch 3.4:

    Reduced the Cooldown of Shield by an additional 2s

    So shield no longer lasts forever.... that's not a buff...

    What do you think about this?:
    Aegis: You gain 40% movement speed while using Shield and its Cooldown is reduced by 2s.

  • @KicsitCsicska
    Just removing the speed penalty is a huge buff, possibly worthy of a talent. It would just have a weird interaction with ..... In dire need.... shield move speed boost, which does not see much use outside of shield heavy builds, but boy is it glorious, do not underestimate it, would probably reduce the power of the card to compensate for the assault rush style speed provided by the talent.

  • Best thing : Evie didnt get nerfed. (that is actually surprising)
    Worst thing: Evie didn't get buffed. None of her bugs fixed. Blink bug still exist.

  • @Dusklicious said in Best and Worst things in Patch 3.4:

    I don't see any nerfs to those cards in the patch notes at all, so not sure where you're getting that from. From what I can tell Brawl and Siege Shield are going to be the exact same as they are on Live. Regardless, this change is quite impactful on a character that's already fairly strong as is.

    From the General Balance section:
    "Cards and on-hit effects:
    Modified most on-hit effects to only apply after hitting Players and Pets, rather than including Decoys, Illusions, Deployables, and Shields."

  • @KicsitCsicska Lian percision is really good but people are trapped in the other talent. When you start start head shots with percision its pretty crazy how fast you can kill an ulting Makoa you have full stacks on. 1536 damage a second

    But even just the base 512 damage a shot has a huge impact on sustain fights on point. But it does lack the cheese factor of how easy the other play style is.

    Nando with a 3 second shield. cooldown is going to be insain i do believe.

  • @Shadowpuppy Yea, this is why I suggested to don't add even more cd reduction, but speed. Speed is something makes the game funy. Especially as an off-tank Nando!

  • @KicsitCsicska That speed card is level 4 or 5 in my nando loadout. It makes position a thing you can do. Though i think that all the slow you down when you use your skills in the game should not be there. Term Nando Inara Vivian Victor. It just kills the fluid play and makes playing them feel shitty.

    They should just remove all those and balance the damage or the shield of the champ. Using slows to balance is a cheap lazy way to balance and champs abilities. But it will never happen ... The one that really annoys me is Shalin... 10% is just enough to make it feel shitty but not enough to really do anything that trully effects the champs power.

    • So its just shitty for no reason

  • @Dusklicious I disagree on Seris. The old Mortal Reach boosted the heal-per-second for 25%, the new Mortal Reach boost the heal for 10%. This is hardly a buff. In addition the buff of Soul Forge diminishes the worth of the 300% range bonus a bit. In my opinion it will make Mortal Reach even worse compared to her other talents, what is not necessarily bad since her heal-bot talent is shit anyway.
    A better way to rework the Talent would have been to reduce the channeling time. Instead of 1.5 seconds just 1 second with Mortal Reach.

    About Io I think she will remain the best support after the nerf. If Luna gets cauterize then Rejuve should also affect her. 😄