July Happy Thread

  • @TTraw This is an old loadout, I just used only when I faced against many counters. Nowdays I only use this. I just bored to die when I casted F.
    Veil has definitly higher scaling than 10%/lvl. This is why I use this. Evil Mojo just forgot to nerf the card, they changed only the description.

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  • @Jello770 Bot matches doesn't count, lol.

  • @Jello770 For example this is my last ranked match as Seris. We had a bot Sha Lin, but I still managed to win and reach 25.5kda.
    It was on diamond rank.

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    He got the point

  • @KicsitCsicska andro was gold lol

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    @KicsitCsicska said in July Happy Thread:

    @Dusklicious said in July Happy Thread:

    On the note of tanks getting better in the meta, Raum looks like he'll be really strong next patch with the indirect buffs he received.

    What kind of indirect buff? 😮
    I don't see Raums nowdays, I think he has been overnerfed. He was easily counterable in ranked draft even when he came out.

    Well, Khan and BK's nerfs is really going to help him out considering they're the main things stopping him from being played and Resilience is getting buffed so he can buy Caut and Resil, which matters a lot for him considering his inability to protect himself from CC like other tanks can.

  • Now that all the OP dmgers has been nerfed, I am curious to what people will claim to be the best in the class. I kind of expect fire Imani to start shining right now unless there's someone else I am forgetting at the moment.

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    @TTraw said in July Happy Thread:

    Now that all the OP dmgers has been nerfed

    Honestly this patch is a net buff for Kinessa (as Buck got nerfed and he has a good matchup into her) which is usually banned at least in Plat/Dia. Also Cassie is still just as reliably strong as before, and Tib is still really strong at least IMO. Vik and Viv were honestly a little bit overrated. They were probably top 5 in the class but not nearly as much of a problem as BK.

    Top few damage-wise seems to look like this from what I can speculate (even if that speculation seems to be a bit unreliable) -> Cassie, Tiberius, BK (still probably strong), Kinessa/Strix (On live Strix is better than Nessa IMHO)

    As for flanks the only problematic one on Live that got a nerf of any real note was Buck. The rest seem to be either kind of mixed or actually buffs. I've heard people say Talus' changes are actually a buff (seeing their point a little, but still see it as a slight nerf). Maeve is still the same, Andro is still the same...

  • @Dusklicious I see the new patch as a nerf to her. If the Kinessa player is insane, then Buck won't be a big problem unless he picks Bounce House. Even if he goes BH then you can just go Reposition to avoid getting farmed. And if you have a build with Calibrate V and Reconfigure 2+ along with Power supply 2+ then Kinessa will literally become an off flank using her carbine 50% of the time and can potentially be a viable flank once Cauterize and Chronos are maxed. On live I find Kinessa better than Strix but after the 3.4 patch, Strix might be better becuz Kinessa will lose one of her most dominant sniper maps replaced with one of her worst ones so she will then have 7 viable maps instead of 8 which is a big deal and make her a bit more situational.

  • Iv been playing Nade Viktor as of late and now that im getting the hang of it. I have to say its pretty strong when used to farm ult. Today i ulted at 50% point capture on the first round. It was pretty silly how fast i got it up with those nades.

    Two ults a round or more and still have 60 % for the next round... Plus its allot of fun


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    The champions menu counting multiple instances of the console skins bug is actually GONE finally. 🙂

  • I've got messages after the match 😂

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    @KicsitCsicska Who sent this? Is he in your team or in your team?

  • @NoMemeNoLife In the enemy team 🙂

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  • I finished my Ying grind to lvl 30... I must say, i do not really enjoy her at all. Playing as a main healer just feels like your missing everything that all the other healers have. Like a helpless chipmunk you have to play everything perfectly or you die with no chance unless someone else saves you.

    • She has no sustain that does not take away from your healing

    • anyone can run by low health at the wrong time and snag the heal you wanted you tank to get or even yourself

    • No stun or slow or utility at all

    • Her movement skill can be good but its not reactive and so its just not good

    Over-all i will probably not user her as a main healer again.

    Moving on the leveling Corvus and im having way more fun.

    Oh yea i forgot, her cards are trash, there is noting in there that is even close to be interesting to play with. A bunch of oh hum crap.

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    @Lukash369 said in July Happy Thread:



    This match though. (I was in a 5 stack but it was a close game that I carried with top damage by 40k :P). Proof that I am indeed a Barik god.

    Good $#!++.jpg
    Good $#!+.jpg
    Goood $#!+.jpg

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