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    @ShogunPukin said in July Happy Thread:

    Tanks difficulty is hard to measure since there are tanks that hard mechanically like ruckus and then other tanks that are require good decision making and game knowledge like terminus. There are other tanks like makoa and atlas that are difficult in both. If I make a list it would be similar to dusklicious one, just some small changes.

    That's true though. Tanks like Ruckus require a skillset almost more similar to a DPS skillset than a tank skillset, whereas you have even other off-tanks like Fernando that although playing very aggressively still require a tank's skillset (Was about to say Ash but honestly, she's pretty easy).

    Though I feel like a few placements are to me pretty cemented in my mind. Koa and Ruckus could probably be swapped (simply because it's hard to consistently hit Makoa hooks), Raum and Barik maybe (though in Raum's case the difficult part of him is cooldown management and dealing with CC and the rest is pretty easy), and there's probably a few others also.

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    @Dusklicious Raum thing is limit testing in my opinion. Characters that soak damage like him and run people down is just experience. You just go ro play some normal games, run down enemy backlane and either feed your ass or carry the game, thats sadly the way you get better at characters like him. You will start noticing what you can/cant do and when then apply it. When you apply it correctly you notice thay you will carry more than feed. Pretty much why I cant play raum, I dont have enough games on him.

    About makoa and ruckus, I feel like makoa and atlas are similar in terms on difficulty...and ruckus... is in a weird spot because that champ is probably for onetricks. I think his problem is not only as you said "a tank with dps mechanics" , to master him you probably need to do something similar to what I said about raum above but with a more tricky playstyle because ruckus is probably the less straightforward character in the game. Dont really know the order but these 3 are the hardest in my opinion.

  • It was an esport match. I did what Seris can do 🙂

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    That match you do 143k damage in 11 minutes:

    140k in 11 minutes.jpg
    140k in 11 minutes!.jpg
    140k in 11 minutos.jpg

  • @Dusklicious The other day i did 98k with Grok in 9 minutes.

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    @Shadowpuppy said in July Happy Thread:

    @Dusklicious The other day i did 98k with Grok in 9 minutes.

    Grohk does damage almost as easily as Vik to be fair (11k damage per minute isn't bad, though this game came out to 13k/min). I've probably done roughly 11k/min playing Barik a few times.

    Also, Tinkerin not terrible?

    Is Tinker not Terrible.jpg
    Is tinkerin not terrible.jpg
    Is Tinker not errible.jpg

    (Honestly it's definitely a mediocre at best talent, they had no healer plus I did pretty meh damage honestly)

  • Nothing "Happy" to post about game.. The new BP..pfff uffff... whatever..
    Move along, nothing to see here.

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    Diamond 4 now 😛

  • From now on, I'm only going to play dps champions that take skill.

    Champions like: Bomb King, Evie, Imani, Androxus, etc. This is because I was in a party with my friend, and he talked about how people don't like playing champions like Evie and Bomb King because they're scared to. They're afraid of the learning curve. I realize that I don't want to be that level 196 Vivian in casual. I'd rather go 3-18 with Bomb King and Evie than go 18-3 with a level 183 or 138 Vivian.

    So I decided to give Evie a spin. She's tough, that's for sure. I was so proud of this game, even though I lost, because Evie is so hard to play.


  • @HeartQueen you will have more fun and learn allot playing all the champs

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    I like proving toxic trolls that think that some toxic plat support main with a massive ego is somehow better than me at my own main wrong.

    I swear that guy who I won't name and shame has a f***ing cult follwing him at this point. AND HIS GUIDE ACTUALLY DOES SUCK. And it was entirely made out of spite and jealousy that I'm actually good at my own character playing him with a different set of cards probably too. I bet he's a f***ing reddit troll.

    Anyways, you're wrong I'm right about being good at my main. And I'm happy to prove it in-game if you think I'm wrong. 🙂

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    I'm going to one-trick Evie because apparently some people think I'm boosted because I main support. It's sad how support mains have to solo queue and play dps to prove that they aren't boosted. Meanwhile, the grandmaster dps main who has to have a pocket shoved up his ass is never questioned about being boosted.

    Playing Evie and having a positive KD against a diamond duo isn't enough to convince people that I'm not boosted apparently. No matter, I'll just get good enough to carry ranked matches with Evie and farm diamond or even higher players with her. Maybe that'll convince people that I'm not boosted.

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    Barik solo tank can win even in Diamond ranked, while also doing top damage.

    Barik Solo Win.jpg

    Barik Solo Winn.jpg
    Barik Solo Can Win.jpg

    "Solo tank loses games" - Only if your solo isn't Barik/Nara/Term and they aren't good enough with them to make it work. Also if your damage sucks it doesn't help.

  • @Dusklicious said in July Happy Thread:

    Only if your solo isn't Barik/Nara/Term

    Only 3 point tanks. Ban two pick the third. ✌

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    @M3RC3N4RI0 said in July Happy Thread:

    @Dusklicious said in July Happy Thread:

    Only if your solo isn't Barik/Nara/Term

    Only 3 point tanks. Ban two pick the third. ✌

    Ash and Koa can theoretically work point, but not solo.

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    Managed to get the game working by just launching it from Epic instead?


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    30k Barik Elims?

    30k Elims.jpg

    Tank Vivian is a thing that works.

    Tank Vivian OP.jpg
    Tank Vivian.jpg
    Tank Viv.jpg

    I soaked all three missiles of Vik ult with this and lived FFS.

  • Hello. I just started playing until I am not very successful. Maybe this is due to a lack of experience. What you are discussing and doing seems very difficult to me, but interesting. Before I have come to this site, I was an avid gambler at mostbetI liked to participate in different tournaments and other activities. But I want to change something in my life. So I am here

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    @destinationcalabria Hi! If you've just started playing, check out the tutorials on the forum and youtube! 😄

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    "Khan is one of my worst tanks"

    One of my so-called worst tanks.jpg
    One of my Worst Tanks.jpg
    1 of my Worst Tanks.jpg

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