July Happy Thread

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    When you only lose 1 game in 14.

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    Well I'll be...

    My son wins this match as Khan:


    and then gets bumped (Vivian) - Diamond IV!


    A friggin miracle.

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    "BaRiK iS MiD-TiEr AnD wOrSe ThAn InAra" - @schachmaty

    Schachmaty is Wrong about Barik.jpg

    Barik is not mid tier.jpg

    BaRiK iS mId TiEr.jpg

    I mean I could carry a team against 4 of Barik's hardest matchups. He may be my main and I may be good at him, but I'm pretty sure a mid-tier couldn't quite do that. Also I did top damage in the entire match... Over a Yomi Zhin and a Kinessa against Double Tank... So it's also proof that you're totally wrong about Barik doing low damage. I mean If BetterMeta were still around I wouldn't even need results to prove the fact that Barik actually does really high damage for a tank, very consistently. Heck Barik remains the character I've achieved my second highest damage with (I got a 183k Nessa match once, my Barik record is 181k I believe).

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    So apparently the live version of the Radiant Stars patch will have the following good changes added (from JayFlare's AoC video):

    • Mortal Reach's heal bonus increased from 10% to 17%.
    • Cauterize cost per rank decreased from 300 to 250.

    So sustain meta won't be as much of an issue and the new Mortal Reach will be a buff, not a mixed change.

    Though I do have a better fix that's similar to an idea proposed by @KicsitCsicska to further fix it. Just do this:

    • Add 30% Healing Reduction for 1.5s to ALL in-hand weapons at base.
    • Reduce the scaling of Cauterize from 25/50/75% to 15/30/45%.
    • Cost buff from 300 to 250 credits. ✔

    Damage FURIA?

    D_M_G FURIA.jpg
    Damage Furia.jpg
    DMG FURIA.jpg

  • @Dusklicious The problem is that Barik is better than the other tanks at damage, but not at sustain. His sustain was gutted. He's the glass cannon of tanks, which shouldn't be the case because he's supposed to point tank.

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    @HeartQueen said in July Happy Thread:

    @Dusklicious The problem is that Barik is better than the other tanks at damage, but not at sustain. His sustain was gutted. He's the glass cannon of tanks, which shouldn't be the case because he's supposed to point tank.

    The issue there I'd say is that isn't necessarily correct either. Granted he does indeed sustain less than Terminus or Inara, even if both of them have absurdly high sustain (in the latter's case it's almost her entire selling point aside from being ABSURDLY easy to pick up), he also has ways to deal with that problem. I feel like a broken record every time I talk about how small his hurtbox is compared to other tanks (granted he has a pretty big head for especially snipers to hit), that's a tool that you can use to make Barik's inherent lack of self-sustain less of an issue. I think every guide I've written on him mentions how jumping is very beneficial to Barik's ability to sustain as you can utilize his size to dodge attacks that would otherwise hit. Also there's the factor of his mobility. Rocket Boots can be used to dodge attacks and also get to cover faster, increasing the amount of value that health pool has.

    Honestly if Barik sustained as good as Terminus, he'd be the most broken champion in the game's history. Not even just saying at the moment. I'm saying ever. His burst sustain is supposed to be one of his weaknesses that counteract his strengths in terms of zoning, mobility, size, and damage output. Heck he'd be easily the best tank in the entire game IMHO if they just gave him 4k base health and everything else was the exact same. He's supposed to be weaker to burst than the other options. I say burst because he can sustain lower amounts of consistent damage not too much less than Term can in my experience.

  • @Dusklicious The Mortal Reach "buff" will still be a mixed change becuz, although she will have more time to do dmg, it will come at the cost of seris not healing tanks as much as she used to. 17% is still less healing than the old Mortal reach(not a buff). If it was 20%(buff) then the healing potential would be the same as the old version(1800 heal over 1.5s=2400 heal over 2.5s). 17% heals 1755 which is less. Mortal Reach at 10% is like playing without a talent in small maps so I don't think an extra heal of 105 will be enough. But EMneco confused this change by saying that 17% will allow her to heal another tick of healing which is 1650+150=1800(buff). We'll have to test this change live before drawing conclusions.

  • @Dusklicious I have suggested the same thing already earlier, but I realised, that 30% caut inbuild wouldn't be enaugh, the item Cauterize still would be must pick just as now.
    My suggestion also countains 5% higher max heal decreasing (75%->80%) for nerf support meta.

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  • Atlas feels good ngl

  • Can confirm, Mortal Reach got buffed (23min match):


    SC is still better

  • @TTraw Which ones better?

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    Not sure entirely whether to be happy or upset about this, but I was wrong about the Ash changes being a net nerf. The ability to cancel RMB comes in handy WAY more often than you might think. Plus it doesn't have an animation, the cancel is instant.

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    What is that frame potzer has? Never seen it before. Also he should be reported... This patch is working pretty good for me so far. Spray sound is back, Siren's call spray works again. Seems the damage feedback is improved. Fail: Two other sprays not working that were before and the scope sensitivity still won't go above 0.



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    @Vaporized said in July Happy Thread:

    What is that frame potzer has?

    That is the Season 1 bronze frame.

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    Shield Nando may yet be better than I give it credit for. Still has the issue of locking yourself out of doing any damage, but the playstyle can give you absurd amounts of sustain that nobody will counter thanks to the fact that Wrecker is underpowered as f*** right now. But when Wrecker gets buffed and people actually pick it up, ehh... It may need to be reworked in some way to be useful.

    Though I will still say for now it isn't really the greatest competitive option, thanks to 2 things:

    • Barik/Inara/Term all end up being better options still (where Term essentially ends up BEING a better Aegis Nando in a sense)
    • Nobody thinks of Nando as a point tank.

    Also really enjoying Io Main's Salty Tears. 😋 😎 Hopefully they'll put some extra "wah my main isn't broken anymore so she sucks" in. It's the best part.

    Io Main Tears.png

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    Apparently the region switching rumors are true.

    2nd match last night:

    3rd match:

    I did not change my region.

  • So far, I'm liking this battlepass. The skins are a breath of fresh air from Thunder Brush's vanity projects. Especially after that failure of an Egyptian battlepass and the Scalie battlepass.


    Okay, could they not have gotten inspiration such as this for Maeve?

    bastet maeve potential.jpg

    Normal face, but she has a cat head piece and a tail. Then gotten an Egyptian hair style with black hair. Instead they went full furry. How they managed to fuck up an Egyptian Ying is beyond me. Egyptian Ying looked orange and tacky. We couldn't gotten Io, Kinessa, and Mal'Damba skins such as these:

    egyptian io.jpg

    egyptian Kinessa and Mal.jpg

    Instead we got Snookie cosplaying as an Egyptian woman (Ying) and a full on furry (Maeve).


    After those failures, this beautiful battlepass is a breath of fresh air. I like it. The colors are beautiful, and I love the effects. Now Imani's face could be better. Now idea why they didn't keep her original face and just add freckles. The skin would've looked way better if they had done that. However, the outfit and the hair looks great. I love her color scheme.

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    @Dusklicious said in July Happy Thread:

    Mortal Reach's heal bonus increased from 10% to 17%.

    Last night the game says it's 10% - they forgot to update the description?

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