July Rage Thread

  • @Lukash369 OK, thank you.

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    Last night I get a match with a Seris coaching IO. Doesn't say so until we're down 2 points.

    WTF, that's what training matches are for.

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    Game's not opening since I got new laptop a week ago so this is fun 🙂

  • i would look at Direct X

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    Imagine somebody calling you a small-brain for not banning Dredge of all characters... 🤣

    When he's one of the most flank-bait characters in the entire game.

    Also a Dredge that did no damage and I was playing flank getting CONSTANTLY 3v1ed: "no flank" 🤣

  • @Dusklicious depends on the flank. I have almost zero issue dealing with anything not airborn with Dredge.

    Evie and Androxus are really good...
    Buck is decient.

    Dredge is a pain on some maps.
    Frog is a solid map to ban him.

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    Uhm, that Talus change certainly wasn't a nerf I was DEFINITELY wrong about that... He's going to be, pretty sure, a top 3 flank even on PC.

    I think he might even get BANNED now. He kills squishies from FULL in 2 seconds WITHOUT Overcharge up. Granted I didn't actually get to abuse that in any way since I was getting harassed by a high mastery Maeve using Rogue's Gambit... At least that talent takes a pretty high amount of skill to make broken.

  • @Dusklicious for people that use pure sustain to keep him alive its a nerf.

    for preople like me that play speed build its a buff for sure.

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    @Shadowpuppy said in July Rage Thread:

    @Dusklicious for people that use pure sustain to keep him alive its a nerf.

    Honestly, after doing the numbers, if it is a nerf for them it's not a very big nerf, especially w/o Overcharge active.

    Sure, that makes the amount of lifesteal you'll get go down by either roughly 25% at base or 35% with overcharge up, but you'll get this lifesteal more consistently than on live due to the fact both fire faster on PTS. With Overcharge it's a very small and not really particularly noticeable difference, but when you aren't using Overcharge, you'll definitely notice. I did when I first tested him out on PTS.

    Honestly, I see it as a buff for them still pre-Overcharge, but post-Overcharge it is a nerf because of the fact Talus can heal for almost 600/sec granted he hits every shot during Overcharge and isn't affected by Caut. Overall, it's not really either a buff or a nerf for full LS builds to be honest.

    Also I swear every other game I play Support I get complete idiots on my team and lose simply because they have no idea what they're doing. It's especially bad when I play Corvus... 😒

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    @Shadowpuppy said in July Rage Thread:

    i would look at Direct X

    The game launches fine when I'm not connected to the internet, so I don't think it's that.

    It's possibly a problem with AntiCheat or my own firewall or something, oh well.

  • @Peinzius if your firewall is blocking it you should see it in tje event viewer of wimdows... Go look at whats in there and try the game and see if something pops in there

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    "Snipers on Frog Isle are FUN to play against" -> Said no one.

    Also fun to get farmed by a Talus and the game after have a cheating Viktor.

    As of Edit, I'm on a 7 game loss streak thanks to dumb $#!+ like this

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    Tech support thinks it's my new laptop's specs which are the problem, which doesn't make much sense since the game runs when the internet's off and it's better than my old one.


  • @Dusklicious Just imagine the people who just doesn't even bother, give up, trow and realize they can get away with it mostly on Qualifying / no rank just to screw others

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    @PotMaskedMan said in July Rage Thread:

    @Dusklicious Just imagine the people who just doesn't even bother, give up, trow and realize they can get away with it mostly on Qualifying / no rank just to screw others

    I've had those before... 😒

    Yet another match where I obviously carry yet the rest of my team lets me down. I reported the Jenos and the Talus. Not only because they fed, but because they were also insanely toxic to me and the Vivian when we CARRIED them. And that was after the Viv was HELPING THE JENOS UNDERSTAND THE BASICS YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE EVEN GETTING INTO RANKED. Ash was okay and the Vivian was decent enough to queue with (we were duoed), but both of the other two were terrible and honestly it is a little hard to believe they weren't playing badly on purpose.

    Also the Khan on the other team inted in a couple of our games when they were on our team (They were the Ying in the match where we WON playing solo tank and they blamed my queue partner for it being duo tank even if it was actually the Vik's fault with no question about it from me, and we got them on our team a couple of times after) and frankly still didn't do all that well here at all considering it was essentially a 3.5v5 game and they were duoed with the Damba who was probably the best player on their whole team. Toxic and $#!+ at everything but support.

    Talus and Jenos Reported.jpg

    This $#!+ is why I f***ing hate playing Ranked most of the time.

    Strix totally isn't a painfully annoying Andro counter, not at all. And neither is Tib (at least you can beat him when he doesn't have Q up, can't really do that with Strix).

  • @Dusklicious Sometimes I wonder if it would be THAT bad if ranked was "full party" restricted, on all ranks. Because people can simply just mess with other's effort and then reporting them knowing that its easier if they trashtalked on chat.

    Im going to be simple, last time i tried ranked (never moved from qualifiers) i was already going for a "give up" and throw mentality, all the while my team was FURIOUSLY flaming on a last pick low lvl zhin with guillotine, I was a raum who baned a couple meta picks like Io and Barik for starters so i simply went there, tried a bit, died, gave up and closed the game to test 2 things:

    1. Is reporting people easy?: Quite so, a champion selection and countdown of full trashtalking directed to the zhin + whatever they kept on during the match, i simply trew a lazy report on everyone on the match and i got 2 notification on separate times, so im sure the 2 randoms (whoever they were but surelly must have been teammates) who got "an action taken" was because they trashtalked. One day people are gonna realize its easier to abuse reporting if someone trashtalked.

    2. Does trowing also add to the ranked rewards count for, say, the gold chest?: It doesn't, the match registers but it doesn't count for rewards and challenges, you must literally be afk and endure the whole match so, if people afk on ranked, it must be because of the rewards or the 1 and 5 ranked challenges........besides being toxic in general.

    You're welcome to judge me, i don't mind.

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    I was watching my son play some ranked matches and every game had something happen.

    • He has to click join like 10-20 times before it joins.
    • Riding with no horse and then can't do damage till he takes damage himself - cost him the game, twice.
    • One match he was in third person for a bit. Great job fixing that crap that isn't supposed to be there.
    • Lags/teleporting (Maeve)
    • Enemy Zhin was showing Counter up without the sword for like 20 seconds.
    • Trouble banning. Massive delays.

    What is wrong with this game???

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    This post is deleted!

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    "Triple flank is not a bad idea" - Nobody with more than two functioning brain cells.

    NEVER go Triple Flank.jpg

    Lian was also bad too, and I was pocketing Moji so ofc she'd get good damage and a good KDA.

    And we have another completely uncarriable team here:

    One Barik God Can't Carry a Whole Team.jpg

    Torv and Seris were absolute inting garbage. Other two were OK but not really great either.

  • Is it me, or does the new forum look messier than the old one?

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