July Rage Thread

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    Apparently not inting makes you "sweaty." OK.

    Sweaty is more in reference to people who no-life a game, not people that don't intentionally try to lose games.

  • @PotMaskedMan said in July Rage Thread:

    @Seravajan I personally don't think complaining about Training is worth it, i mean, sure, ally bots are always on easy and only do the basics mostly while enemy bots are always on max difficulty, add it that now the AI for enemy bots is upgraded so they learned to not feed shields, react instantly to AOE skills like tyra's fire, willo's nukes and skye's ult and even attempting to strafe when being targeted by a strix or kinessa besides perfect aim and tracking of movement skills.

    Training is basically forcing you to be MVP like it or not, you could just pick dredge and spam ammo in training onslaught or siege but it gets quickly boring, after all, its just training and not a main mode, especially when it comes with an actual option to just quit and return to the main menu and try again. Basically is a mode made for flexing around and farming battle passes.

    The meaning of my post was that the bots in my team were better than the two players in my team.

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