July Rage Thread

  • @SNIper-poTAto Keep trying to hype up bad talents, you'll only make the quality of ranked even worse.

    Most Ying players do not have the fucking game sense to make Resonance work. Hence why most of them have piss poor healing and damage. I've had a lot of time on this game, and I've run into like 7 good Resonance Ying players. Take in mind 3 of those 7 preferred playing Life Exchange as a solo support in most cases. I've even played Resonance Ying a few times myself because it made sense for the composition (a Bomb King and Terminus on the enemy team, I'd be a fool not to go Resonance). Yet it's a bad talent for low elo because they lack the game sense to make it work. Take in mind, I think Resonance can work in certain situations, I just think a lot of people lack the knowledge to know which situations they work in and how to make it work outside of those situations.

    I'll always think it's bad. I just see no benefit. It's Chronos and a good loadout for Skye, but as a talent. I hate every talent that requires an elimination or kill to make it work, which is why I'm not a fan of Rogue's Gambit Maeve. Elimination or kill resetting cooldowns should be a card, not a talent.

    Personally, if I could give Skye a slight rework in the realm of now, here's what I would do. Keep debilitate and Smoke and Dagger the same, and replace preparation with a reworked surprise attack. Reworked surprise attack would be that that hidden's cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds (stacks with the card), and your bonus shot deals 500 damage on your first shot out of hidden, but hidden lasts 5 seconds shorter (only lasts 2.5 seconds at base with that talent). It's a sort of give and take. This promotes a more aggressive flank style, and you aren't required to have a kill to get it.

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    Definitely glad I did NOT buy the BP this time around. The skins are so awful... The best one is Strix's and even then some of his voicelines get pretty annoying. Nothing like Sun-Kissed Cassie annoying, though.

    Darkness and Dragons is definitely in the bottom 3 when it comes to battlepasses. 😒

    Though I guess next patch's BP is probably the best BP so far even if I don't really play the characters getting skins. The one I play most is Inara and even then she's my second least played frontline because I find her kind of boring.

  • @Dusklicious I hate all the new BP skins coming out. Not even going to bother which is good. I can just play the game without having to worry about grinding that thing out.

    I might have gotten it if they didn't spam the recolors, I guess ill see maybe the voice lines will be enough to drag me in like Amerikhan, i hate the skin but love the voice pack.

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    So tired of all this throwing. Get a solo heal grip Jenos one game, and then another I get teammates who just rush in and die. My winrates have been significantly worse than usual yet I am performing better than ever... 😒

  • @Dusklicious I played solo heal grip jenos and got a 100k healing. But i did have a healing loadout.

  • 4 healers
    team gets no cauterize

    then argue with me as to why they should not buy it.

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    @Shadowpuppy said in July Rage Thread:

    @Dusklicious I played solo heal grip jenos and got a 100k healing. But i did have a healing loadout.

    100k is not all that much in longer matches. This one got 70k in a 17 minute match...

  • @Dusklicious It not like the talent selection gives any extra healing. So its really just the loadout you pick with jenos that matters.

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    @Shadowpuppy said in July Rage Thread:

    @Dusklicious It not like the talent selection gives any extra healing. So its really just the loadout you pick with jenos that matters.

    And this one ran no healing in his loadout either. It was a full-on grip build.

    And he had the audacity to blame other people for the fact we lost.

  • @Dusklicious Yea thats no good. I have come to the conclusion that even when im playing second healer damage jenos i just pick my normal healing loadout with star .... The grip legendary really keeps the flanks off you so i would say its a good pick against the likes of Andro Evie. But you have to have reduction on heal and sustain on heal and you have to get chronos if your going to play Jenos.

    His heals are just not bursty enough so you need them pretty often to do well as a healer.

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    A player who I KNOW is really good at the game just throws the first rounds and has the audacity to whine to ME because THEY played like they had no concept of what awareness is. Also they rushed Haven. HAVEN FFS.

    Lex is STILL bad. Though not the worst character anymore, he's still hot trash. Koa's not as great as I thought either even if he still seems solid, I don't think he's top 5 in the game like I originally thought he'd be. Also not the second best tank in the game either. I'd say he's the fourth best tank overall, second best off.

  • Current Dragon BP is really amazing. Cool skins and champs, theme and diamond chest (even in premium levels).
    Now I saw the new one in PTS and its awful. I don't like the skins and theme but besides that I was thinking to grind and buy it for other content but then... boy.....I saw that you remove AGAIN the diamond chest. So how exactly u reward the F2P players when you don't reward even people who buy the BP? It's so frustrating that your new BP are become just levels with golds, boosters, more boosters and more useless battle chests with no new content. How do you want to sell it? You continue to duplicate skins in "new" chests with new names and recolored them instead to give a value for the current chests. Now I have at least 30 BP chests and you ask from me to buy with a gold uncommon skins for the new champs instead adding this content in that chests. Why you don't add the new content in that chests? If you think someone will grind so much time just for a few crystals and one gold chest full with chibi sprays you are really wrong. Do you know how frustrating is to play so much and in the end to "win" another chibi spray?????? And what about old players that spend a ton of hours and money in your game? You know that some people still have diamond chests or gifts that can't open because no new content is added there. All you add is another BOOSTERS to boost you to win another BOOSTER. You promise you will add before year ago and nothing. How you will compensate these people? Instead spending time to recolor skins try to make more quality skins and content. quality over quantity!!! The game still crash, ton of bugs, no rewards and good matchmaking for competitive players, no rewards like before for f2p players, no new maps, modes and events. All you do is one awful low value BP? This time I won't buy it and play it. I will be back at the autumn and hope this game will still alive and offers me some good content and bug free game. Till then Ill keep my crystals and won't spend even a penny for your game. The main problem is that your game becomes more frustrating than FUN like it was before. A lot of good people leave your team and maybe you don't have proper strategy and ideas how to develop that game or maybe you don't have enough resources I dont know and I don't wanna know. But the stats with decreasing players is screaming that you should make something big to save that game. Wish you all the best with that.

  • @fedushev They make the battle pass to keep people playing. If you want to send the message that you are not happy with it. Dont play the game and maybe they will make the next pass more inviting. I agree that this pass is not very good.

  • @Shadowpuppy thats what I said I won't buy and play it. Cause I'm not feeling interested and happy. I have around 1200 crystals which I was saved for the new one but probably I'll keep them for the next one. And boy...I forget to mention the dumbest challenges from the last one - Kill Furia x times with Khan and etc... these 2 was really frustrating and time consuming. Hope they didn't include something similar this time cause i'm not sure who will chase it for a few more XP or some title. This wasn't challenging and motivating but just time consuming, frustrating, annoying and luck related.

  • @fedushev They patched those out in an update a while back and replaced them with play so many matches as front line or something. They already got the word that this was not good.

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    I have played Aegis Fern on PTS and it does indeed still suck. It gets high shielding numbers but its so counterable by just building Wrecker. Plus Shield Koa shields for more than this does anyways (4.8 second CD at full Chronos on Nando's versus pretty much zero on Shield Koa's) while STILL being able to fire, ult, and do everything (but now after PTS it's actually his WORST talent).

    Aegis is still Nando's worst talent, little really changed to make that not the case. It's not completely pointless to run anymore, but it's still pretty bad. Honestly the change isn't all that impactful as I had already thought. Though it's a WORKABLE build if you rush Chronos, it's not really good at all. Shield Koa is straight up better at the exact same thing.

    And now I get throwers every other game in f***ing PTS. Kind of makes it unfun. Had a healer the other game that clearly threw to try to prove Aegis Nando doesn't still suck in PTS (they had one on the other team). As in I got 1 heal the entire game, it was that bad.

  • Game is getting unplayable.
    We already had;

    • too many bugs
    • bad servers
    • NO matchmanking
    • game crashes
    • stupid buffs and nerfs
    • lame BPs and 60 challenges for a lame tittle
    • toxic players
    • dumbest bots ever

    Now we have all that plus:

    • too many kids, kindergarden kids
    • ppl that dont even bother to learn game (items, loadouts, roles)
    • huge amount of AFKs
    • bots in many games due to crash
    • constantly "A PLAYER FAILED TO JOIN"
    • teams with no support and no frontline

    Training is pathetic, quick play waste of time and ranked a sad, toxic game mode.
    So many nice games out there and I still play this hoping it will change, only gets worse and my rage and sadness makes my experience in game a sad one.
    Maybe another year without playing like last time.. to return to a worse game, like it happened, maybe new games will make me forget this Bugadins addiction.
    I like the game but its getting unplayable.

  • @B4TC4V3 Game must be pretty baller for you to still be playing it!

  • @Shadowpuppy Like I said, I like the game.. and that's why I feel sad game is like this. Even more sad devs dont listen to players, at least not to 90% of them, so if players not happy, they complain and eventually leave.
    Last months few games came up, plus server problems, number of players decreased, most my "friends" in Paladins left game and I'm playing more new games and less this one.. and its not because I like Paladins that I'll stay here playing and not having fun, eventually we all get tired of games, tired of devs not paying attention to their games or their player base.
    Anyway, who cares..? What is going to change ? Nothing, new BP is the proof, lame and sad BP..
    Game had potential but devs never took advantage of its potential, now new games take over.

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    I am SO tired of all this throwing on PTS.

    It's like every single game at least one person on my team is inting ridiculously hard... 😒 I mean having fun is fine, but clear and blatantly obvious inting is not.

    Also imagine toxic people complaining about everybody else being toxic. Of course the actually toxic people aren't really the toxic ones right? cough cough one YouTuber I had in PTS who inted in a game cough cough

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