July Rage Thread

  • Yes, but the bigest lose is clone army Ying...

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    When your OT is trying to give you a kill, PLEASE FOLLOW UP. Also PSA ANDROXUS IS NOT A SNIPER.

    So I was actually apparently right to say that Moji would be overpowered this patch. But not because she was just given poke on top of what she already had. Partially because her spray nerfs didn't actually go through and also because she was busted as is on Jag/Ice Mines. Not to mention she still has poke on top of her ability to STILL easily burst anyone down.

    ^Pretty much EVERYONE in the AoC seems to unanimously agree with an assessment somewhat like this.^

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    Reconnect error still there - 4 times to get thru.


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    Why in the f*** would anybody last pick Willo on Frog in a ranked game against a Viktor? Let alone when you only have 1 tank picked? Ugh.

    Some people really lack a functioning brain.

  • I like the battlepass overall, but I really don't think balance was touched enough. It's still the same no skill "pocket the hitscan" meta. Casual games literally have Vivian players getting an Io and Jenos/Corvus pocket. Or a Moji betting quadruple pocketed by a Torvald, Io, Jenos, and Corvus. This is a no skill meta that needs to be changed. Jenos needs a short heal duration, and to nerf Luminary. I like @TTraw suggestion of making it a card that a Jenos player must sacrifice in order to get. Corvus should've never been created. Io needs her heals nerfed from 1,000-->900 per second.

    Vivian needs an actual nerf. Her damage is absurd and her card Scapegoat is disgusting. Who thought that 50% damage reduction on a damage champion with a shield was a good thing? You can't even counter her with blasters because of her damage reduction, plus she gets a million pockets. Same thing with Viktor, Moji, Talus, Androxus, etc. Though to be fair, I haven't seen much of Talus lately. I guess people aren't feeling him due to the nerfs? Or the people who would've picked him decided to skin flex.

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    Khan is honestly even more dead than I originally thought. He's now the second worst tank in the entire game to Torvald. He COULD be potentially viable on his better maps, but really... I think that simply isn't the case now either playing AGAINST it. I was focused by Vortex Khan grabs, getting hit 10-15 times or so in one match, and I only died 3 times from them... And those deaths were caused quite exclusively by my DPS/flanks' lack of ability to even remotely deal with theirs.

    They WAY overnerfed him. Of course not really, but they forgot to compensate it with buffs to the weapon with perhaps the worst output in the entire game, not just among tanks (considering supports rarely use their in-hands).

    As for other issues I have with the balancing:

    • Moji is barely ANY different from 3.3. Her spray nerfs did NOT go through... All she got was a little poke and a little less sustain which frankly do essentially end up cancelling each other out. So yeah, she's a high tier at LEAST right now.
    • Seris did not get her healing buffed quite enough. Mortal Reach is still WAY inferior to Soul Collector... At least it is actually a BUFF, but it's a pretty meager one to say the least...
    • Lex changes might as well do absolutely NOTHING. Nothing at all. The problem with Retribution wasn't entirely the cooldown, it was and still is the fact it's such a useless ability in the current meta. It NEEDS an actual, by golly REWORK.
    • Fernando's buffs are still maybe not as pathetic as they seemed on PTS, but still rather pathetic.
    • They should have NEVER added Ash's RMB cancel into the game. They're going to need to nerf her RMB in the future now. It also doesn't help she has an ult that does everything either.
    • Vivian is actually STRONGER in 3.4 than last patch... They've managed to actually BUFF Vivian when everyone was calling for nerfs. Viktor is also pretty much exactly as good as last patch. The last minute Caut buff almost seems to be causing totally different problems... 🤔
    • Talus is still just as strong as on PTS if not better also... For the exact same reason.
    • Also snipers from what I can tell are MORE oppressive than before.

    Honestly this patch balance-wise is worse than last patch. I mean at least there aren't any top tiers on my current tier list (which isn't the one posted here). But... There's a lot of really annoying characters to play against below that. They've even managed to still keep Khan obnoxious to play against even if he is the fifth worst character in the entire game, by my measure. Also this caut buff seems to be CAUSING more problems than it's solving. Now if they make it Season 2 Caut again, I might just leave the game until they realize their mistake in trying (and failing due to the fact they really aren't trying that hard) to effectively deal with the Sustain meta.

  • @Dusklicious wait they buffed vivi? How?

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    @TTraw said in July Rage Thread:

    @Dusklicious wait they buffed vivi? How?

    Caut buff is a buff to Vivian. And Talus, and Viktor, and Moji... Who's spray nerfs didn't even go through at all.

    The caut buff is a complete and utter disaster of a change.

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    @Dusklicious I'll tell you what, I was up against two Leviathan Makoas and both were a real PITA to kill.

  • @Dusklicious said in July Rage Thread:

    Caut buff is a buff to Vivian.


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    @TTraw said in July Rage Thread:

    @Dusklicious said in July Rage Thread:

    Caut buff is a buff to Vivian.


    Because she can consistently apply it? Don;t know how that doesn't make sense.

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    PSA: "No hitscan" is not an excuse for not having a brain, and having ZERO game sense.

    And I fail to see how the tank player is to blame for there being two blasters on one team, that both habitually commit suicide in solo pushes. Along with a Zhin that somehow can't deal with a Lian, when they're focusing the Inara because she's literally the only person doing anything. Like I'm surprised the match was 1-4, and really it was only because I actually sat the point.

    Also Zhin calling me bad for having no kills when playing Inara when he did less damage is kind of hilarious. OF COURSE, I'LL HAVE LESS KILLS. I'M PLAYING INARA, YOU'RE PLAYING ZHIN. Unless you're REALLY bad that would have been the case... And the fact a Zhin got outdamaged by an Inara solo tanking without a team backing her up is absurd.

    F*** I hate stupid DPS players.

  • Does someone know what will happen with mixer points? When they will stop streaming in mixer and what will happen with our points? For example I have 600 but I need 1000 for the last skin. What will happen if they close mixer before I reach 1000 with all my points? Did they say when they will close mixer store or? I can't find any info?

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    @fedushev https://twitter.com/WatchMixer/status/1275134556723527681 - A month ago, there was information about the Mixer shutdown.

    About Viewer Points:
    "Starting July 20, PaladinsGame will no longer be broadcasting to Mixer (RIP). After that date, you can watch our community streamers on Twitch and watch our esports events on Twitch/YouTube/Steam. As of right now, the Viewer Points system will not be active on Twitch or YouTube. We hope to have further updates about the VP system soon!"

  • @Lukash369 Thank you! Soo just to spend 400 for a voice pack and that is...other 200+ can't be used, right?
    Btw if they don't stream anymore in mixer when they will remove the store from the game? Maybe the next update?

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    It is possible that in the future you will be able to earn points on a different platform.
    We must wait for official information.

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  • @Dusklicious It isn't ez to be a tank main 🙂

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    @KicsitCsicska said in July Rage Thread:

    @Dusklicious It isn't ez to be a tank main 🙂

    When you have bad DPS players, yep it can be... 😒

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    I don't play front much anymore. Almost always DPS now. I can usually help out the flank when the flanker is having problems, like in the Lian match and that potzer match the other day. Even when my stats don't look all that great, still win a lot.

    (sorry to post this way, not in game)



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