Critical Bugs

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    Mvtabilitas about an hour ago

    Hello. These are some critical bugs I have noticed in game and did not see anything about them in the next updates:

    1 - Corvus can get out of town while countdown is on.
    There are some holes in some bases where corvus can just teleport with this projection. He does get teleported back to town when the game starts, but still. (Maybe make it so that everyone can get out and then gets teleported back? xD)

    2 - Accidental deserter
    I have Windows 10 and if I use ctrl+alt+del in the loading phase after getting matched (when going from main screen to pick screen) my screen turns white and I can only reaccess the game by restarting it, and thus getting a deserter penalty. I now know the thing and have been avoiding it, but before i realized I had gotten to the point where I got 2 times 120min deserter for nothing basically.

    3 - 3 Errors in one game
    It has happened to me so far like 5 times that I get 3 errors in one single game and all the times this happened there was a viktor doing ulti. I think there's something wrong with viktor's ultimate combined with some others. Maybe I'm wrong, but getting 3 errors in one game and losing TP even if you won just because you were not connected when the game ended is pretty lame.
    P.S. When this happened all the team got errors, not just me. In some cases I noticed the enemies getting disconnected too.

    4 - Seris remix stealth is bugged
    I don't know what's up, but the effects in stealth with the seris remix skin drop my FPS to lower than 10. I do not have this problem with anything else in the game. (Even if 10 people ultimate at once)

    And now just to end the post: How dare you use the Zhin Conqueror skin as Golden Zhin? xD I like the purple but I want to see a real Golden Zhin QQ

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