Linking and log out problem !!

    • First of all i saw so many post about this and the final thing i reach is u can not link your steam acoount to hi rez for now is it still like this or is there any way to do this.
    • Secondly, sometimes when in looby it says some of ur teammates didnt choose and looby gone. But i cant see any way to log out when in loby even if i dont select it directs me a random character. So is there any way to log out when in lobby ? Pls help if u know about these problems :))

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    1. You should send support ticket.

    2. They have probably crash or something like this. Or they just exit game.

  • @Lukash369 1. I couldnt even enter to my hi rez account with my own paladins acoount on steam. So i create this account to be able to chat in forums and ask my questions. And they told the other guyz who have post about this to send ticket to forum. And their answer is the team is trying to make crossplatform thing but at the moment u cannot link ur steam account. but all these things written in 2019. So My wonder is is it still like this.

    1. U mean i quit when in lobby will break the looby i ask this cuz when i try to quit in game and log in again it directs me to the game not the main menu.

  • @Lukash369 oh i tried it if i alt f4 when in looby it works thats solved but the other question is still a little problem. Cuz if one day i got problem about my own account i wanna send tickets with my on account.

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