New "Unique" Champion Concept. Aelgis "At your Service"!

  • Aelgis "At your service!" Flank-1800PV
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    Lore: Aelgis was a particularly cool, dynamic and badass boy. He lived in a very large village where all the corners were animated, where a lot of merchants came from the whole Kingdom to sell their goods, a lot of shops, magic academies, guilds but also criminals and agents of the Magistrate. He grew up in a group of abandoned children. They were called the "Juvenile Flowers", these children were the guardians of experienced adults in all areas and their goal was to educate them and teach them everything they need to become an adult like the others.
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    Aelgis among the band was rather that of the middle, he was very energetic, positive, charismatic, enthusiastic, open-minded and funny. By cons he was particularly clumsy and funny crazy, the smart band as we say. Aelgis was average in all areas, but his personnality is comforting and gives a good mood to the group. He lived in the Orphanage group until he was 16 years old. At the age of 16, the Orphanage was attacked by bandits and the Juvenile Flowers were kidnapped. Aelgis couldn't do anything except hide and tremble in fear, for once since childhood he couldn't do anything at all. After the bandits left with the children, officers and guards found Aelgis unconscious on the ground, he sucked too much of the smoke from the explosions.
    Aelgis was taken to a laboratory where he was half mechanized, his brain, heart and face were intact but his limbs were damaged. Aelgis was welcomed by the group of "Black Steels", spies who patrolled in order to quench monsters and villains all over the Kingdom and help organizations and guilds, the alchemists succeeded in creating even more developed forms of energies of crystals . He was also taught the two main kingdom camps: The Paladins and the Magistrate. Aelgis was on the side of the Paladins, the Kingdom needed evolution and not the power of crystals for the solo benefit of the Magistrates. He received strict training which was easy for him and he became one of the spies. Apart from his spy job, Aelgis also made a living by helping the adventurers to complete the quests in the taverns, the constructions in progress, the requests for help and the tasks.

    After 2 years of his work, Aelgis was an excellent spy, he often managed to get out of a very critical situation despite his clumsy air, his slightly crazy character with his ridiculous humor and ... his air of little moron (Aelgis : Hey! Are you talking about me? I'm going to make you look like a clown! Me: It's more like Aelgis's lookalike ... Aelgis: ;-; Why you bullying me) He got tired of his job which was not made for him, he had earned enough money and the job of spy was not enough "fun" (Wait ... A job is supposed to be fun? it's not like this Aelgis would have taken the opportunity to go hunting chicks by chance, probably seducing womens all around Heh... No ... It's not at all the kind of Aelgis eh? ^^) He left to join the Paladins in the capital in order to make himself more useful (Aelgis : PUNISH ME EVEN MORE PALADINS!) And lend them his help. But also to have a much more hectic life full of surprise.

    Aelgis was accepted among the Paladins, he was everyone's friend and put a good mood among the members, but also was very enthusiastic and knew how to cheer up. He also had super-human capacities with his robotization and he knew how to do a lot more than being a shit .... (Aelgis: So say, I welcome myself in the lore ... I am very well appreciated Wow: O!) These days, Aelgis is preparing plans and sneaking into the Magistrate's office to steal their resources and their plans, but he's also busy arresting bandits.b3e9.jpg

    Aelgis will have blond hair (the first champion with blond hair with Tyra) short a bit in peaks (Japanese style), yellow / golden eyes and an oval face and he looks like an anime character (There is has only 3 Asian characters in Paladins, why not put another one). He will have parts of his skin that will be white spots with holograms of neon crystals.
    His clothes:
    Aelgis will have a black suit and tie. The coat will have a Paladin-shaped coat pin made of crystals, his tie will have a Paladins symbol in crystal, and he will have white gloves that do not cover his fingers. He will have a long black jacket over his coat which will reach his knees. It will have a transparent visor which has magic blue writings, a blue crystal is encrusted in the earpiece of the visor. His weapon will be a black desert eagle made in obsidian with an infused crystal which will have neon lines in blue.

    Primary Fire, Desert Eagle of BlackStone: Aelgis brandishes his weapon to fire a blue lazer where he aims. It deals 400 damage every 0.5s and can go up to 600 headshots. (Projectile Speed: 550) 7 rounds
    A, Enchanto-Mechanical Visor: Aelgis activates the "Analysis" mode of its robotic visor. Its visor changes color and turns orange. You can see the cooldowns of enemies, hear them 40% louder, see invisible enemies by 60 units, increase your speed by 60% and see their ultimate charge: Everything for 5s. 13s cooldown (for a spell also OP Ahem... Don't blame that cooldown)

    F, Discreet Move: Aelgis runs for 4s with a speed boost of 70%. It makes 20% less noise and can make back somersaults when jumping, each somersaos will do 400 damage to enemies (AOE damage) affected. 14s cooldown

    Secondary Fire, Lumino-Cryogenized Grapple: Aelgis takes out a magic grapple immersed in liquefied crystal in neon blue. He can hang it on a surface or on an enemy to inflict 250 damage to him and get closer to him. (Max distance: 100 Projectile Speed ​​units: 400). 12s cooldown

    Ulti, Catalyst Magic Shoot: Aelgis transforms his weapon into a rocket launcher to launch a red magic shot. This shot explodes into an electric fountain in an area of ​​80 units and disperses up to 160 units for 4s. Enemies hit by the first explosion will take 1,300 damage at once then enemies present in the spread of the electric fountain will receive 300 damage / s for each second they stay inside. (spread doesn't cross out walls)

    Lvl. 1, Information Giver: You can no longer perceive information from enemies but 3 of your allies can expect the ultimate charge
    Lvl. 2, Acrobatics: The discreet movement saltos no longer do damage but reduce the damage by 20% for 1s and increase the duration of the race by 1s (only for 4 saltos maximum)
    Lvl. 8, Rescue Grapple: Lumino-Cryogenized Grapple no longer clings to enemies and has a range of 80 units but recharges 2s faster and you avoid the walls and has a projectile speed of 600. If this skill is used on site, you gain a 15% damage bonus for 4s
    Interesting Cards:

    • Enchanto-Mechanical visor heals you by 25HP / 25HP every second by analyzed enemies (cumulative) - Enchanto-Mechanical Visor increases your speed by 10% / 10%
      -The Discreet Move TDR resets if you go below 15% HP / 15% HP (20s) -You recover 50HP / 50HP every second during Discrete Move -Each saltos reduce the cooldown of Lumino-Cryogenized Grapple by 0 , 5s / 0.5s (25s after Discreet Move)
    • Lumino-Cryogenized Grapple reduces your fall speed by 25% / 25% with great maneuverability - You take 10% / 10% less damage after Lumino-Cryogenized Grapple (15s)
      -You have 50HP / 50HP more -Each executions increase the damage of your weapons fire by 2% / 2% every 3 dead -Each eliminations reduce the cooldowns in progress by 10% / 10%
      So what do you think? Yes i know it is strong it is strong or if there's a thing that you don't like or if his skills are wrong and stuff I DONT CARE!

  • PC

    @TheDarkSpirit12041 said in New "Unique" Champion Concept. Aelgis "At your Service"!:

    A, Enchanto-Mechanical Visor: Aelgis activates the "Analysis" mode of its robotic visor. Its visor changes color and turns orange. You can see the cooldowns of enemies, hear them 40% louder, see invisible enemies by 60 units, increase your speed by 60% and see their ultimate charge: Everything for 5s. 13s cooldown (for a spell also OP Ahem... Don't blame that cooldown)

    I think Everything here be ok except the bolded piece of text will be so op. You can ask allies if someones ultimate is ready/about to be ready or not. I mean this will have a huge effect on many champions. A simple example is jenos. If the team that faces Aelgis knew that jenos' ult is ready. Of course they will try to avoid becoming in a line or grouping.

  • I really like the ultimate idea.
    However, I have a few questions about it:
    Will there be a cast time?
    If yes, Will the cast time be like Lian's (cc immune, dr, rooted and not affected by gravity) or Lex's (no cc immunity or dr, you can move at a reduced speed)?
    Is the bullet from the ult hitscan or a projectile?

  • @TheDarkSpirit12041 what do you think, followed by I dont care unless you think its good. Comical..

    Its bad design entirely. 8 seconds of 70% movment speed that can do 400 damage every time you jump... LOL

    The ultimate wall hack... LOL

    There are no interesting mechanics in this kit... Just a bunch of broken crap in place of an actual kit concept.

    We dont need a crappy Andro 2.0 added to the game.

  • @Shadowpuppy I apologize if this champion concept doesn't please you but it's rather not a reason to kind of make fun of that or rather say that my imagination suck or something. If you don't like my champion you'd rather tell me what's wrong in a friendly way rather than literally insulting and offensing me because you're not teaching me anything

  • @TheDarkSpirit12041 said in New "Unique" Champion Concept. Aelgis "At your Service"!:

    So what do you think? Yes i know it is strong it is strong or if there's a thing that you don't like or if his skills are wrong and stuff I DONT CARE!

    You ended your post with i dont care and now your offended that i told you the truth... Pretty funny

    The movement ability is excessive
    The weapon already exist for another flanker
    The main hand damage is to weak to be a real flanker
    The wall hack is already on another flanker as well

    Over all its all to over worked and does not add anything to the game that is not already there in other players kits.

    Andro + Lex + Koga and that is your champion with some extra broken elements to push it over the top.

    If you really want to do champion design you should go read the wiki with all the champs. You will see that skills are not super complicated. If you need more than a line to describe how your skill works its probably over complicated for paladins.

    You backstore and stuff is cool so maybe your better at story creation. You may need to spend more time learning the current line up as you have created something that is like i stated above are skills already in the game.

  • @Shadowpuppy I know you're telling the truth, but that's not a reason to be aggressive and disrespectful with someone so unexperimented like me. I'm not perfect and I'm who I am. I make champions that corresponds to me and if it doesn't please you then teach me what to improve instead of just saying that all my work's just crap and too similar to the others.

    You told me that the movement ability was too excessive? I changed it and nerfed it, you just have to tell what's wrong so I could make that better but don't make such a very bad experience saying that all of my work is garbage.

  • @TheDarkSpirit12041 I can respect that. Though i would say do not ask what do you think, and then follow it up with if you do not like it i do not care. That is why i responded the way i did. Good luck on your next concept and i will try to be more friendly next time.

    I am sorry for any distress i may have caused you.

  • @Shadowpuppy Anyways thank you for that reply, even thought it was really hurtful and true of what I am, It still encourages me to do better and to keep improving myself.

  • @TheDarkSpirit12041 It is not a reflection of you buddy. But champion creation requires allot of knowledge of everything in the game as it requires all that just to balance it with everything else in the game. But if your going to do it, you should think about what the champion is and who you want them to be.

    There needs to be a hook, something that this champion does that no other champion can do. It cant be broken and it has to be fun. This is why making new champs is rather hard.

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