Nerf healing and/or buff caut

  • Multiple healer meta is's impossible to kill anything as DPS player...Bring back 90% caut

    I was Androxus recently against a team of Io, Seris, Moji, Lian, Makoa on Jag Falls....WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? If I go for Moji, she gets pocketed by Io and Seris and her 50% heal boost...impossible to kill. If I go for Io, I will have 3-4 people looking at me, hooking me and bursting me down in 1 second...if I go for Seris, she would have 3100 hp and an Io pocket. Lian would chill in the backline with Io together. And Makoa is obviously impossible to kill too with his shield and 2 healers behind him... It's impossible to do anything....NERF SUSTAIN META. And I was literally headshotting Moji THREE TIMES IN A ROW BUT HER HP WOULD JUST GO BACK TO FULL IMMEDIATELY. WHY????

  • @schachmaty yea it feels real bad to be snowballed by 5 healers. Moji is broken so j dont know if we can blame sustain meta for that. But it is unfun and total bullshit play style.

    i think they shoulf lower cauterize again but make it stackable.

    20 40 60

    Early game 5 people shooting at 1 target can 100 cauterze

  • @Shadowpuppy said in Nerf healing and/or buff caut:

    i think they shoulf lower cauterize again but make it stackable.

    I don't see the advantage of the new cauterize over the old. One still has to buy it. If the difference was too big between early and late game, they could have changed from 30-60-90 to 70-80-90, so caut would be there from the start. All supports, self-heals and cards got balanced new for what?

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