Pip need strongers buffs

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    Pip is bad balance, after the parcth 3.2

  • @Alexmonster212 pip is still a great damage dealer with the one talent. Other than that he is only an OK healer in very specific comps.

    Plus this post is worthless. Just you stating some bull shit like its fact with zero anything to even explain your thought process.

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    Pip is now going to be the worst healer in the game.

    He's definitely in need of healing buffs.

  • Pip ought to provide weak HP regen for a temporary duration to friendly applicable targets hit by Healing Potion at the expense of a slight reduction in healing potion burst.

    For example +1000HP becomes +800HP +400 over 3-4s

    Still keep the healing burst as the main pump effect to his healing.
    However the addition of sustain to his heal, Pip would provide a momentary (indirect armour via HP over time sustain to negate dps) endurance factor on a similar level to a fura heal.

    It would also provide additional recovery synergy to other classes by boosting their HP regeneration over time provided by cards / abilities / life rip strategies, ect... in order to raise the effectiveness of each champs sustain strategies for a limited time.

    I believe sustain HP regen provided by supports to be a powerful tool to amplify the abilities of a character if they can make most use of it.
    Furbie falls when providing sustain at all, instead limited to burst, with all the issues that comes with it. For starters worthless overhealing and easy to apply cauterise hinders his ability to hurl potions, each reason to delay his delivery of a heal after a fairly hefty CD (unless mitigated) is just not really needed
    Consider the aim with the recent patch will reduce the hp sustain gained out characters individual performance.

    I personally would get around Pip if he was like an energy drink addiction mini game.
    Keeping Pip, or another player's regeneration constantly active from Healing Potion Reset dynamics.
    Inducing players with withdrawal symptoms from HP regen addiction.

  • @AYYDIMITRI He has no much down time between heals. It makes it just to dangerous to try and shoot a running flank with your only heal thats on an 8 second cool down.

    Change his cool down to 4 seconds at 1000 health
    PIP only gets 50% of the health from potions.

    He will have mega potion in his base kit but he cannot use it for him self to be a flanker as its still only a 1k heal for him if he uses both potions.

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