Paladins PTS is Live! - Radiant Stars

  • Evil Mojo

    Hello all!

    PTS is up with the Radiant Stars patch. The build you will want to be on for now is 3.4.3761.3. You can download the patch by going to the Paladins page on Steam and selecting the “Click here to install Public Test Server” button just below the cool videos and images:

    NOTE: Crystals will not be automatically awarded for logging in to PTS this patch. If you are using PTS on Steam, you will be able to "purchase" Crystals using the Store (using the Steam interface) without expending any actual money. To do this, perform the following actions:

    • Log in to PTS on Steam
    • Select Store
    • Select "Buy Crystals" button
    • Select any bundle on the screen
    • Confirm that the purchase window matches the screenshot below (with the "Sandbox" text next to Steam Wallet)
    • Select Authorize on the window that pops up


    Crystals will be added to your account specifically on PTS. If the HiRez Store pops up instead of a Steam window, DO NOT CONTINUE. Only do this if this processes through the Sandbox wallet on Steam.

    Please visit to find the PTS Testing Blog, which will be up shortly. In addition, please use the #report-a-pts-bug channel on the official Paladins Discord to report any bugs you find in PTS! You can find the discord at Thank you so much for participating in the Public Test Server!

    Currently known major issues with PTS Build 3.4.3761.3:

    • Mal’Damba’s Dread Serpent Ultimate fears for longer than intended
    • Mernos Jenos is missing VFX for his Weapon Fire and his Reload
    • Players will be unable to unlock the new MVPs for Io, Imani, Seris, and Inara in the current iteration of the Battle Pass
    • Some quests are not providing Bounty Coins at the intended rate
    • Art on the Purchase button in the Bounty Store is not correctly updated
    • 2D Art images for the variants of the Stellar Weapons are not correctly updated
    • Seris' Soul Collector UI does not display properly

    Things to look out for:

    • Which quests may not be providing Bounty Coins as intended
    • Any potential VFX issues with any of the Stellar Skin / Weapon variants
    • Any potential issues with Balance Changes or characters to whom Balance Changes have been made (Link to Update Notes)

    Our team is hard at work fixing issues related to issues found in Live and issues with new content. We will be pushing out more fixes throughout the PTS cycle!

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