Anti boosting system?

  • Hi,

    Will you finally do something to prevent boosting?
    Classic ranked game:
    1 smurf and 1 trash. If the smurf doesn't do great, the game is lost because the trash player can't even kill support in a 1v1.

    The fuck is this supposed to be?

  • You can't really prevent it because everyone has bad games. I've had games where I went 10-11 as Buck. I've also had games where I went 31-10 as Buck. Also, how would you measure this?

    I could see a lot of people using this against people who main support. "Your duo is on dps and you're on support, so you're boosted!" I've had people say this after they lost to my duo and I, and he was on dps while I was on tank/support. "I see you're getting boosted [my username]." Completely ignoring games where I was flank and he was tank, or when he was support and I was damage. Just because he mostly prefers to play dps (though will hand the keys to me when it's a good stage for my champion of choice, or we'll double dps together), and I mostly prefer to play support.

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