I quit this game, but why?

  • Maybe something about me. I've been playing this game since season 1. I'm support main and in season 1 I've got to master, in season 2 and 3 I wasn't playing that much but I was diamond.

    Now in season 4 when I played more I've got to diamond 2. Overall this is shit to solo play as support.

    Champions are unbalanced as fuck, if you don't ban a certain champion and enemy picks it - you probably lose. You can't ban champions that you don't like to play against or counter your champion.
    Matchmaking is pure trash - diamond 2 getting matched with golds 2. Sometimes these people don't even know how to aim, but I have to support them. Then they scream that I'm a shit healer, and at the end they did 50k dmg or did 1/9.
    Smurfing/boosting - Be at 0 points, play against a guy who played rankeds for 9 hours, picks andro and wipes your entire team since the first seconds, get demoted. Yeah, nice. He wasn't smurfing or boosting at all.

    Just today, I've played with or against approx. 5-7 smurfs/boosters. One was boosting a girl that went 1/12 and did 30% less average dmg than the team. I feel bad for people that will have to play with her when she won't be playing with the booster.

    Hope I will never log again into the game.

  • @zerino said in I quit this game, but why?:

    Hope I will never log again into the game.

    Me too!

  • While I agree with everything you said, I still keep playing the game cuz still, even after 1.5 years and nearly 1500 hours, I simply love it...

  • I love the game. I enjoy the challenges and game play. And if I have a great match, win or lose, I still have fun!

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