There should be more skins you can unlock by playing as a certain champion.

  • I feel like there should be more unlockable skins a player can get by playing with champions. Obsidian, Cosmic, and Gold skins were a good idea, but I feel like there should be more. I imagine someone would lose interest in playing a champion if they don't have anything to work toward. Some suggestions I have would be galactic skins, bronze skins, silver skins, and diamond skins. Galactic skins could be an upgrade of the obsidian and cosmic skins, but instead of black or blue the galactic skins would be purple. the other skins play off the idea of the gold skin. If this were to be an thing, I'd imagine that gold skins would have to be unlocked at a higher level. Maybe make it so that every 10-20 levels there's something new for the champion. You could also have steeds that match the color scheme of obsidian, cosmic, galactic, bronze, silver, gold, and diamond skins. A horse that matched the color scheme of each champion would be cool too.

  • As the game continues, there will be more skins available. Personally, I don't mind waiting until I find the most "perfect" skin any of my Champions. So far I've found six. Once I get the skin, if nothing better comes along, I never change skins.

    Eventually, you will get the skins that you want. You will.

  • @Conrad_Max I definitely get what you're saying. This was just a suggestion to make it more welcoming as a free to play game, and I thought it would also make people want to grind out and play more. It wasn't necessarily to say that I need the "perfect skin" I was just saying that it would be a pretty nice incentive to play because the game can get pretty boring sometimes. Like you said, new skins will always be released so everyone will have a chance to find a skin that they love. I was just using skins a suggestion for incentive to play, and as a reward to those who spend a lot of time on this game.

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