Where are the players?

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    I've been gone for a bit due to some personal issues but got to start playing again.

    (Quick Play) Most matches I see the same 2-3 players in every match. I have to intentionally break between matches to try to avoid this only to end up with 3 minute Q's.

    Apparently ranked is suffering as well.

    Why not throw in a bronze and a level 5 account while you're at it? How can the devs say the MM is OK in this state?

  • Matchmaking is bad, but the game seems to be dying too. If you play late at night or early in the morning, there aren't even 10 players of a similar skill/experience level to put together at any given time. You know it's time to play something else when you see "Dune Strider"s with level 3 champs on both teams.

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    This was my son's match - he was the Maeve. It was mid day on the NA server and the PTS wasn't even live yet (7 days ago) - really no reason for this other than no players or shit MM. The Tiberius is now masters so this was just a stumble for him. Still, that party was supposed to carry a lvl 18 Barik and a barely Silver IO? Clearly the IO was way out of her league.

    Out of curiosity I followed the IO and found this whopper - IO was Grover in this match and in a party with a level 17. lvl 999 Masters with 2 silvers and 2 qualifiers. Everyone else max account level 65.


  • according to steam charts the game is averaging over 40% less players than in April https://steamcharts.com/app/444090 It's even at its lowest average player count ever since release, barely above 10000, quite sad....

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    I saw the Steam chart. It's misleading since we don't know how many people went to the Epic Launcher and stayed with it. It's possible the Steam count is making it look worse than reality but on the other hand maybe it really is that bad. My experience the other day doesn't give me a lot of hope that it's the Epic Launcher though. I hope they can do something to bring the interest back.

  • @Vaporized Nuffin about it misleading. Paladins is losing players thx to Hi-Rez.

  • @schachmaty said in Where are the players?:

    according to steam charts the game is averaging over 40% less players than in April https://steamcharts.com/app/444090 It's even at its lowest average player count ever since release, barely above 10000, quite sad....

    April was corona height. The average is seemingly 12K. 10K is still low though. The bad matchmaking might take it's toll.

  • I haven't been able to play due to a house fire. We're staying with someone who is not a gamer, but does have an offline PS4 just to watch movies. Once our house is repaired, I'll be back.

  • Game is losing players, thats a fact.
    Waiting times are getting worse and all you get is trashy matches.
    They didnt even took advantage of virus lockdown and when thousands of ppl were playing games, their servers couldnt handle it lol..
    People left the game quickly, better free games out there..
    Bugadins has too many bugs, server issues, NO matchmaking at all and devs keep making bad decisions, game is slowly dying and new games are taking over.
    I mean, competition took advantage of virus lockdown and hirez didnt.
    I like the game but everyday less.. I play more and more new games and this goes oblivion.
    Now they have Rogue Company but just looks like a cheap version of other games.
    I'm tired of crashes, bugs, waiting, NO matchmking and kindergarden kids as main player base.

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    @B4TC4V3 said in Where are the players?:

    Game is losing players, thats a fact.

    Xbox +90000 new players in last month
    PS4 +260000
    Steam ~10000 players is online all the time
    We don't know the statistics from EGS, where a lot of players have already downloaded the game.

    Waiting times are getting worse and all you get is trashy matches.

    I am curious about your matches. If you can, give me your IGN. In addition, it's worth reading this --> https://forums.hirezstudios.com/paladins/topic/107/matchmaking-frequently-asked-questions

    Bugadins has too many bugs, server issues

    Tbh I have not found any bug in the game for several months, except t-pose, which does not bother anyone.
    Also, if you have server problems, devs still collect match IDs where the problems are. You just have to report these things.

  • @Lukash369
    You clearly work for them so of course everything is fine for you ppl, I stoped going to steam forums for that, always ppl working for Hi-rez saying game is fine, blaming other internet, PC or room temperature... lol
    Amazing how you try to pretend game has no bugs and come with number that do not show the truth. Everyone says same things not because we want to but because its there in plain sight;
    game is bugy, crashes a lot, servers are mediocre, no matchmaking and lots of players leaving.. say all you want, they pay you for that but we players are not blind, numbers dont lie either, I can see number of players online and how it decreased, I can see how 90% my friends left game, I can see queue times increasing a lot, I can see and experience the bugs and crashes and the NO matchmaking.
    And of course I'm not wasting more time sending reports of bugs or crashes, ENOUGH !!!
    Not wasting any more time here either, same thing as in steam forums, full of Hirez ppl telling you game is fine when everyone can see its not.. amazing.
    Bye and see you maybe never again.

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    @B4TC4V3 No need to start with trash BS against a moderator. My system has crashed maybe once EVER since Nov 2018. I experience bugs though. The new Frog Isle map pisses me off with the invisible ceiling and getting stuck sometimes. The other day I got that map 4 times in a row - another peeve of mine - the worst map rotation ever seen.

    @Lukash369 My OP post has every rank except bronze in it with two players level 21 & 18. Do you think they should be playing in plat+ level matches when they are ranked silver/gold at level 21 & 18? If they were at least plat you could argue that. My son told me that both teams were laughing at the Barik cause he was so bad. What's a Silver V doing in that match?

    BTW, adding new players doesn't mean they stick around and continue to play.

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    they pay you for that


    1. I am not a Hi-Rez employee
    2. I don't get money for being a moderator. Everything I say is my opinion.

    Anyway I know that the number of new players does not mean that these players stay, etc. However, the players are still there.
    B4TC4V3 you speaks about bugs, but you must understand that not every error will occur in everyone. Sometimes problems occur, e.g. due to outdated drivers. You cannot fix them without reporting.
    It is the same with servers, although on the example of people from the Polish community who had problems even after fix - they had to call their ISP and the problems turned out to be their fault.

    Unfortunately, I won't say much about Barik because I have no way to check his mmr / stats. However, looking at the low level, his MMR is just forming. It is possible that some smurf played on his account before. But like I said, not enough information for me to deduce anything.

  • @Vaporized i was in Plat 1 and placed in silver 4 so being silver doesnt really mean shit unless you stay there.

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    @Shadowpuppy I hear you and I'm one that says the displayed rank isn't everything. Heck, I've had bronzes on my team that did a decent job but it was a "gold" dominated match. However, the IO in the OP match has a KDA of 0.92 and WR below 50% even in casuals. This doesn't seem like a player that should be playing with plats and higher. The Barik is still in diapers at level 18 - can't check him since he has a private profile. Sure he could be a smurf but from what my son told me he isn't unless throwing.

  • Its because they are banning their loayle players for nothing. I was sometimes angry to afkers and feeders. Meaning in the way that these players were stying near to our base and shooting walls. I was NEVER bad to people that were trying but just were bad players. And guess what. Hirez didnt ban these players who wasted other peoples time and were feeding. They instead baanned me. Level 999 with 6 000 hours invested in this game. That says everything. Bad dev = people are comming invest their another 6k hours into other games. Into competition, if you know what I mean... 😉

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    @Conan70 There are no bans for nothing. If you want, you can find out the details about your ban here -> https://www.hirezstudios.com/support/


    Also please don't necro old posts.

    🔒 Locked.

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