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    Hello everyone,
    I'm making this guide mostly for new players, because of not everything is said in the tutorial, some of the new players and sometimes not so new players aren't aware of all hidden or not mechanics

    So here we go

    first let's talk about CC effects (Crowd Control)

    • Stun : you fall to the ground and can't do anything for the duration of the stun

    • Slow : well that's quite simple, it makes you move at a slower rate for the duration of the effect

    • Cripple : prevents you from using escape abilities

    • Root : you can't move for the duration of the effect

    • Fear : you can't do anything and you walk away from where the fear effect comes from

    • Polymorphed : transforms you into something else, you can only run, effect depends on what transformed you

    • Silenced : you can't use any of your ability while silenced

    • Banished : you can't do anything but no one can touch you either nor heal you, basically you are out of the game for the duration of the effect, however you will still contest objective while banished

    • Rewind : send you to the location you were X seconds ago and lower your health to the minimum you had between where you are and where you were X seconds ago

    • Blind : your vision and reduced and beside an area around you, everything else is black

    • Knockback : sends you flying in a direction, the direction and distance depends on what knocked you back

    • Lift : you are lifted up and can't move for the duration of the lift, using a movement ability frees you from the lift

    Status effects :

    • Burn : damage tick refreshing as long as the effect keep being applied

    • poison : damage tick for X seconds

    • Reveal : basically, everyone on enemy team can see you no matter where you are for the duration of the reveal

    Then let's move on to Items

    Items are the things you can't buy with credits during a game, first thing you should do is deactivate the autobuy cause it's simply useless

    there are 4 categories of items

    Defensive items (the blue ones) :

    • Illuminate : basically it allows you to see invisible enemies in a certain range, it's only useful against Skye, Shalin, Strix (and eventually Seris but the sound should be enough to track her)

    • Resilience : Lower either the duration or strength of CC effects (useful against teams with lots of stuns mostly, but can be of use against other CC such as knockbacks) doesn't work on Reveal

    • Haven : reduces the damage you take from Direct damage sources

    • Blast Shield : reduces the damage you take from Blast damage sources

    to know what damage type each attack is you should read champions descriptions

    Utility Items (yellow ones) :

    • Master riding : increase horse speed (most useful on larger maps)

    • Moral Boost : increase ultimate charge rate, most useful on champions with meaningful ults, usually supports

    • Nimble : increase your moving speed on foot, very good item even if it seems rather weak at first, it really makes a difference during a fight

    • Chronos : reduces your cooldowns, mostly used on supports or champions with high cds like atlas

    Healing Items (Green ones)

    • Kill to Heal : Heals you when you get an elimination, not very useful but flanks can use it

    • Life reap : this one heals you based on the damage you deal, it's mostly useless

    • Rejuvenate : this one increases the healing you receive from other players, mostly tanks should use it but if you have spare credits anyone but the support can take it

    • Veteran : increase the out of combat heal, most underrated item imo, it's mostly useful only for flanks who can retreat easily, it allows to spend less time healing yourself and so you can go back to fight faster

    Offensive Items (red ones) :

    • Bulldozer : increase the damage you do to deployable (like turrets or imani's dragon) only usefull against champions using deployable (and not that useful against ying as she has a card lowering illusion cd when you destroy it, and don't use it against resonance ying you will only help her do more damage)

    • Deft hands : increase reload speed : not a priority, can be used by tyra and some dmg or flanks (I like it on andro for exemple) lategame, is a priority for scuttle dredge and is mostly used by damba

    • Wrecker : increase damage dealt to shields, priority pick against tanks with shield, especially off tanks

    • Cauterize : reduces healing enemies you hit with weapon shots receive, this is top 1 priority item, if you aren't a support then you take cauterize first, only against tanks like khan you need a damage to have wrecker at start, so either 4 cauts or 3+1 wrecker, this item is the base of paladins gameplay and balance so please use it!

    Now let me say an other very important thing, try to make decks (loadouts or whatever you call it) it's damn important and will change everything, so stop using default deck, if you don't know what to make just search internet and you'll find plenty of decent decks

    Then let's talk about some darker and less known things

    Comeback mechanic and overtime :
    that is about point capture, the overtime only triggers if an enemy touch the point when you are at 90% or more, and the comeback mechanic makes a team losing by one or more point to capture faster (the capture rate depending on the difference in point between the 2 teams)
    also please note that being near the payload will heal you for 100 per second (not quite sure about the value actually)

    Diminishing returns :
    this to put it simply means that while bonuses like movement speed or damage reduction do stack (for exemple inara's earthen guard and haven) they stack with diminished %, also damage reduction is capped at 90%, reload speed at 60% and so on, so don't for exemple take chronos on a seris as it will have little effect since the heal cooldown won't be reduced at all

    That's all for now, I may add other things to this guide later
    let me know if there are mechanics that I should add

    Hope this will be helpful to many

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    Great guide! Just a few things:

    Cripple doesn't apply a slow effect, it only prevents movement abilities. Evie's ultimate and Inara's Treacherous Ground apply both a slow and a cripple, which may be where the confusion lies.

    Burn and reveal aren't CC. They're just statuses, like anti-heal or poison.

    Don't forget to include polymorph in your CC list. Pip's and Moji's ultimate are the only examples of it so far.

  • "Kill to Heal" not very usefull ? Wrong. It is useful a lot. Especially for supports. Since they gain elimination if the target ally they heal gets a kill. Also it is quite helpful to low hp champions like Evie.

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    ah yeah I know they ain't CC but reveal should be put here, I'll just remove burn I guess
    ah yeah I forgot polymorph

    But I'm pretty sure criple apply a slow, I feel slowed by grover, tyra's bomb the same, although the strength of the slow seems to depend on what cripples you

    @jocasela said in Paladins mechanics:

    "Kill to Heal" not very usefull ? Wrong. It is useful a lot. Especially for supports. Since they gain elimination if the target ally they heal gets a kill. Also it is quite helpful to low hp champions like Evie.

    Supports have way better items to take, same for other champs, in low tier it can but useful to bully teams but really it's not efficient, first because of caut, second because there is much better, if an evie needs healing she'll hide and wait or retreat to the support to get healed, ultimately she has already a good regen in her deck and if she's low she usually ice block somewhere the support can heal

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    @TangAce It feels that way, but it doesn't actually apply a slow. Check the wiki for further proof.

    Also I think a list of statuses including burn could be useful, just separated from the CC list.

  • Thanks for providing this awesome resource and I really appreciate you for sharing it. Cheers

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