Rework Concept: Vivian (FLANK)

  • PC

    Vivian, the Cunning
    ROLE: Flank
    Maximum Health: 2200
    Movement Speed: 380


    LMB: Burst Machine Gun- A short-barreled machine gun that fires an accurate 5-round burst every 1.25 seconds (.1 sec between each round) dealing 220 damage per round. Magazine size of 30 and fully effective up to 75 units.

    RMB: Rapid Fire- Vivian overenergizes the crystal of her machine gun, granting it automatic fire for 2.5 seconds, firing one round every .14 seconds for the duration (dealing the same damage), however making it drop-off at shorter range and have a wider spread. This ability has a cooldown of 10 seconds after the duration ends.

    Q: Sensor Drone- Same, except- Only 1 can be placed at a time, revealed enemies are slowed by 25% and take 90 damage per second, and the drone has 500 health.

    F: Teleport- Vivian teleports to a target location within 50 units or, if placed, to her placed Sensor Drone .2 seconds after use. This ability has a cooldown of 10 seconds on use.

    Ultimate: Cunning- Vivian charges a crystal imbued with Abyssal power, granting her invisibility and 40% increased movement speed for 4 seconds. Upon activation her Sensor Drone and Teleport have their cooldowns reset, and her weapon has Rapid Fire regardless of cooldown. Does not charge while active.


    Suspect Everyone- Sensor Drone and Teleport both store 2 charges, though only 1 Sensor Drone may still be active at a time.
    ^ (Activating her ultimate still only resets the cooldown of 1 charge). ^

    Death Trap- Cunning now lasts 1 second longer, and charges while active.

    Opportunity in Chaos- Every third shot hit in Rapid Fire deals 50% increased damage.


    1. Lightweight Alloy- Rapid Fire’s spread is reduced by (8/8)%.
    2. Eyes on the Prize- Gain (6/6)% Lifesteal while using Rapid Fire.
    3. Unchecked Ambition- Gain an (8/8)% chance to not consume ammo with shots hitting an enemy during Rapid Fire.
    4. Hidden Reserves- Gain a (10/10)% chance to restore 1 ammo after hitting an enemy during Rapid Fire.
    5. Nowhere to Hide- Same as Live (Reveal persists for (1/1) second after leaving reveal range)
    6. Joyless Eyes- Same as Live, but also applies to the slow/damage (Effect has (10/10)% increased range)
    7. Reliable Informant- Reduce the cooldown of Sensor Drone by (.5/.5) seconds.
    8. Crack the Whip- Gain (4/4)% Movement Speed per enemy revealed by Sensor Drone.
    9.  Contingency- Reduce the cooldown of Teleport by (.5/.5) seconds.
    10. Controlling Nature- Non-Drone Teleport has (5/5) units more range.
    11. Scapegoat- For 2 seconds after using Teleport, (5/5)% of damage dealt to you is dealt to revealed enemies instead (if none exist, it is instead negated).
    12. Unfair Advantage- Gain a (75/75) overshield for 3 seconds after using Teleport.
    13. Runic Ammunition- Killing an enemy with Burst Machine Gun restores (90/90) health. 
       ^(Does NOT apply to kills during Rapid Fire, DOES apply to weapon kills during her ultimate)
    14. Numbed Heart- Same as Live (Gain (50/50) Maximum Health)
    15. One Step Ahead- Same as Live (Increase your Movement Speed by (6/6)%)
    16. Plans Within Plans- Reset the cooldown of Teleport after falling to or below (15/15)% Health. Cooldown- 30s.\\

    Also, a general idea of what her new weapon might look like (quick paint edit, so there's some spots it looks off)-


    Might do more of these in the future for other champions with problematic kit designs. In this case, I made her a Flank in particular since that IMO fits her better as a character. Granted she still ended up with some properties of a damage champion, she wouldn't be a brainless bullet hose anymore.

    Also I know people are going to ask about the Abyssal magic part of her ultimate, and this in reference to her association with Corvus (she is in the Grand Design card's art). It's obvious what she would gain from it, so there we are.

  • @Dusklicious Ooh, I like this! The LMG design looks a bit like a sawed off shotgun to me, you could give it the little hammer burst rifles have IRL to give off the 'Burst weapon' feeling to users. But I think this does make her a lot less annoying to play against, and more skill based with the burst-style. Nice idea overall! 👍

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