Stuff and things about queues and modes. And other things too.

  • I love Paladins, I really do. But sometimes I am done with the team play and the game modes. So I play deathmatch to frag out. But then its only TEAM deathmatch so yeah team based again. It would be lovely to have FFA death Match and 1v1 2v2 3v3s in maps like Throne/Primal court. At the moment I am finding my self playing other similar games to get that itch, which is fun for me, but not for the devs of paladins cuz it means I spend less money on them as before 😛

    From a pure business point, the more things you can do in your game with your engine/assests to keep us entertained, the more time we spend in your game looking at skins we want. The more likely we pull out di wallet.

    Bring back top play, when you can make it work. Not having it makes it even less word of mouthy as people aren't gonna share top plays. Make it so we can save top plays like in Halo 3 and OTHER games I will not mention, so ppl can easily brag and show off their badass plays to make people wanna play. (I started playing Paladins more seriously BECAUSE I watched OwlyEagle's top play in the Hi Rez channels top 5 plays vid series, and I thought.. Man that looks really fun!) Don't MySpace your self into irrelevence over such simple lil things that aren't changes to the gameplay or balance etc etc but just great hype gen material to get people hyped to play your game. (Let's not pretend we are currently at an all time low on steam)

    Right now the most effective method to play throne 1v1 is to insult a bunch of ppl in a match and challenge them to a 1v1. Someone will bite (I sure did) and then the guy was like sorry I do that so I can play 1v1 and then we 1v1d for 5/6 matches on throne. But would be better if we could just queue.I mean what I just described there is really stupid if you think about it even tho its kinda cute.

    Last but not least, omg I had forgotten what is was to be able to run at normal every day shooter speeds until I played some other FPS's and then came back to Paladins and was like huh why am I being CC'd in Spawn room OH WAIT THATS JUST THE GAME.

    I love paladins so much that I wouldn't complain before and honestly I am just saying this to try and make it a bit less meh to play sometimes. Would be great.

    And by the way you lost most of us when you did that political statement. (Which happened in June) May you had 28,000+ players on Steam. June? Yeah.. 17,000 plus. July so far? 15000+ Even I was pissed off. Man I really hope we can bounce back I dont want to lose Paladins like I lost Wildstar. The Drop from June to July is probably because people are playing with their friends who aren't playing paladins anymore.

    So. My advice? Calm down on consoles ok? Really not that many ppl. So bring back up the movement speed so its good first person shooter vibes for PC players. Even diversify movement speed and have the current speed as the slowest baseline for the slowest characters. More game modes in casual.. 1v1s Payload FFA, just random crap to do, with which you encourage ppl to play them for some crappy flair chest or whatever (maybe just for Battlepass players if you want to keep da paywall on chests which is fair enough) More self generating media value like.. make spectating and replay not absolute jank to use and top plays back (and this time savable as an MP4) In this meme viral cyber age, you are crippling your self by not catering to people who will share and make vid content of your game. THAT by the way is why everyone actually believed that your main competitor was better than you, because they simply had more access too more footage of that game vs Paladins, simply because the game is meant to be filmed and reposted. It's made for it. And it works. And it's the same media hype train and their followers who ditched your competitor, when your competitor became the new bad guy and they used you as a rebound while it was fun. Until you said that stupid thing that everyone hated. By which point, your main competitor had already taken DRASTIC measures to counter act their bad decisions followed by tonnes of constant google ads which is why I finally decided to give the game a go. I could have bought 1500 crystals with what I spent for it too.

    Don't worry about seeming like your competitors, after all Halflife/Quake/Team Fortress invented most the ideas we have in Hero Shooters anyway. They also take ideas from you. Its just about making fun games, don't let PRIDE get in the way of that.

    And never be a political mouth piece for the people you were, they will not be there at your side when you need them. They used you and left you dry with less players than you EVER had before. And what do you have to show for it now? Shame, and a crappy freegle.

    And yes I was one of those hundreds, maybe thousands of ppl who bought Ameri-Khan during those dark days and we are probably why you made Freegle. I know, thanks for the effort but you missed the point. Most of us did it in solidarity of the values of the USA's constitution. Not to say we want more american skins.


    PS I watched Wildstar wither and die as they failed time and time again to make it better. Don't be like that. Brutally honest here, but you don't have the same cult following Wildstar had which is mostly because of its Housing and Raiding which was unique. Wildstar as a universe still has a slim chance of revival, I doubt Paladins would if it got shut down.

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