Imani bug after using Dragon’s Call

  • In an Onslaught match at 9:35 7/22/2020, I was playing as Imani on my PS4 in Magistrate’s Archives. Everything was normal before I used my Dragon’s Call, but after I used it, I couldn’t shoot and use abilities. The abilities controls on the bottom right also disappeared. The autobuy in the shop stopped working too. I became useless and couldn't do anything except from controlling the point and sacrifice for my team. The match ID is 1005453950. My support ID/player ID is 721056498. My in-game name is LolipopNHANHA. Every word I just put in bold is the information needed according to the forum’s “How To Report A Bug!” page. Thank you.3342040e-bff7-4d2a-8c41-354a01db5bef-image.png