Rework Concept: Moji (SUPPORT)

  • PC

    Moji, and Friends
    ROLE: Support
    Maximum Health: 2200
    Movement Speed: 370


    LMB: Familiar Spit- Moji’s familiar spits out magical projectiles, dealing 300 damage to enemies hit or healing allies hit for the same amount every .7 seconds. Damage is fully effective up to 150 units, healing has no drop-off.

    RMB: Familiar Spray- Moji’s familiar rapidly sprays out magical energy, dealing no damage and applying no healing, but marking targets every .08 seconds with 1 Magic Mark, increasing healing/damage from the next hit of Familiar Spit on the ally/enemy applied by 10% each, up to 100% at 10 Marks. All stacks are removed from a target after 1.6 seconds. Spray has a range of 40 units.

    Q: Magic Flux- Moji fires a magical beam, slowing any enemy hit by 50% for .13 seconds and deals 30 damage to them every .1 seconds, this ability can be channeled for up to 2 seconds or cancelled early. Moji cannot use any other abilities while channeling, channeling is canceled if the enemy is outside of Moji’s line of sight or beyond 60 units away. This ability has a cooldown of 9 seconds after use.

    F: Scamper- Same as Live, but the cooldown is increased to 9 seconds.

    Ult: Bon Appetit- Moji polymorphs an enemy into a treat either her familiar Po-Li can eat, instantly killing the target, or allies can deal damage to the target instead. If eaten, Moji heals for 200 health and the target is prevented from ability-based revival. If an ally kills the polymorphed enemy instead, they heal for triple that amount (600) and it does not prevent ability-based revival. The polymorphed enemy has 1500 health, and the effect lasts for 4 seconds. (Also has ~20% buffed size from Live). Notes: Resilience caps at 50% effectiveness against this ability, and it polymorphs through shields.


    Toot- Same effect, but healing over the duration increased from 600 to 750.
    Boom Boom- Damage boost at 8/9/10 Magic Mark stacks is increased to (85/105/140%).
    Snack Attack- Ally healing from kills on targets polymorphed by Bon Appetit is increased to quadruple (800), if you eat it instead however you gain 20% ultimate charge. Bon Appetit charges 15% faster.


    1. Dense Woods- Increase the duration of Magic Marks on enemies by (.12/.12)s.
    2. Nature’s Blessing- Applying Magic Marks to allies heals them for (4/4) health for each application.
    3. Morning Breath- Detonating Magic Marks on an enemy increases your movement speed by (3/3)% for 1 second, refreshing the duration for each application.
    4. Greater Good- Heal for (10/10)% of the extra healing from marks on allies.
    5. Glimmer- Increase your movement speed by (8/8)% while slowing an enemy with Magic Flux.
    6. Shimmering- Reduce the cooldown of Magic Flux by (.7/.7)s.
    7. Harmonious- Reduce your damage taken by (4/4)% while slowing an enemy with Magic Flux.
    8. Cozy- Heal for (15/15) per .2 seconds while slowing an enemy with Magic Flux.
    9. Scoot- Reduce the cooldown of Scamper by (.6/.6)s.
    10. Scurry- Same as Live.
    11. Wobbles- Same as Live.
    12. Boop- Same as Live.
    13. Peppy- Same as Live.
    14. Fluffy- Same as Live.
    15. Will-o-the-Wisp- Reduce your damage taken by (7/7)% for 3 seconds after healing an ally with Familiar Spit. Cooldown of 10 seconds.
    16. Symbiotic- Increase the healing allies receive from you when they are below 50% health by (6/6)%.

    This is my second go, after my thread on Vivian (here) apparently did decently well with you all. I think this concept is probably worse, I can see some potential issues with it. But part of them are pretty much just innate to Moji's design as a character, though there's also a few other things I tried to compensate for like how her base heals would put her in combat unlike most healers because of the fact that her weapon attacks are also her heals.

    This design's main focus nonetheless was to make Moji less of an obnoxious threat and more to make her into a healer that can effectively heal or deal damage instead, with the same options. Although I think OW is straight-up worse than Paladins when it comes to mechanical design, I do like the concept of Ana healing with her weapon shots and thought that a support Moji concept would fit it perfectly. Also, they actually considered making Moji a support in the past, so there's some basis in reality with this one.~

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