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    Pretty much an update to my original topic that applies to 3.4. Was going to make a template on a tier list site, but they don't seem to want to cooperate. 😒 Some of my opinions have changed since the last time I did this roughly three patches ago. Also a couple of changes happened that affected certain cards.

    S: Brave and Bold, Failsafe (Necessity)
    A: Double Time, One Man's Treasure, Field Deploy, One Man's Scrap (Strong)
    B: Bunker, Accelerator Field, Forged Alloy, Red Streak, Palisade (Viable)
    C: Bowling Ball, Healing Station, Combat Repair, Foundation (Weak)
    D: Fuel Efficiency (Useless)

    Card Effects and Notes:

    • Brave and Bold- Gain [150/150] more maximum health. This is IMHO the strongest health card in the entire game, pretty much a must-have to maximize Barik's sustain.

    • Failsafe- Cooldown of Rocket Boots resets when at below [10/10]% health. Cooldown of 30 seconds. Rank 3 Failsafe is a must in every Barik loadout.

    • Double Time- Using Rocket Boots heals [50/50] every second for 3 seconds. A must have at least rank 3 if you aren't against stuns and cripples.

    • One Man's Treasure- Reduce active cooldowns by [10/10]% upon getting an Elimination. Unless you're running One Man's Scrap, this should be a low rank card in your loadout.

    • Field Deploy- Heal for [20/20] when a turret hits an enemy. A substitute to Double Time for stuns and cripples, best paired with Rank 5 Brave and Bold.

    • One Man's Scrap- Reduce active cooldowns by [6/6]% when one of your turrets is destroyed. A good substitute for One Man's Treasure in non-Architectonics builds.

    • Bunker- Increase Barricade's health by [200/200]. The only reason why this isn't unviable is thanks to the fact that for the first time in Paladins' history, Fortify isn't a joke, and this is a must for Fortify loadouts.

    • Accelerator Field- Allies passing through Barricade receive [6/6]% increased movement for 5 seconds. If this card gave a little better movement speed it might be in A, but still a good idea for Fortify builds, not unviable for Architectonics.

    • Forged Alloy- Increase turret health by [150/150]. No longer a must have rank 4+ on Architectonics, but it's one of Barik's better fillers and great when paired with Architectonics.

    • Red Streak- Decrease the cooldown of Rocket Boots by [.8/.8] seconds. This ends up playing like a worse version of Failsafe. It's viable, but Failsafe is better at the same thing.

    • Palisade- Decrease the cooldown of Barricade by [.4/.4] seconds. The only reason this isn't in D tier is because Fortify is viable. The scaling sucks, but it works for Fortify.

    • Bowling Ball- Gain a [150/150] shield for 3 seconds after using Rocket Boots. Double Time is better in every way, just get that instead.

    • Healing Station- Heal for [25/25] every second standing near turret. If this card didn't get it its scaling nerfed for no reason and Tinkerin was better, it COULD be viable, but nah.

    • Combat Repair- Heal turrets for [100/100] per second when standing near them. This card sucks. One Man's Scrap's existence makes this card unviable, even after Bulldozer nerfs.

    • Foundation- Increase the duration of Barricade by [.6/.6] seconds. This card barely does anything whatsoever even in a max Bunker Fortify build. Still better than Fuel Efficiency.

    • Fuel Efficiency- Increase the duration of Rocket Boots by [.3/.3] seconds. There is quite literally no use for this card at all. Just put in a different filler than this trash.

    Feel free to reply whether you Agree/Disagree with me. Just know I don't appreciate toxicity.

    Suggested Changes: (Inspired by @TTraw's similar thread on Seris)

    -Goal being to make every card just at least situationally strong-

    • Brave and Bold- Reduce maximum health gain per rank from 150 to 125.
    • Failsafe- Increase internal cooldown from 30 seconds to 40 seconds.
    • Double Time- Reduce healing per second per rank from 50 to 45.
    • One Man's Treasure- No Changes.
    • Field Deploy- No Changes.
    • One Man's Scrap- No Changes.
    • Bunker- Increase the increased shield per rank from 200 to 225.
    • Accelerator Field- Increase the Movement Speed boost per rank from 6% to 8%. Decrease the duration from 5s to 4s.
    • Forged Alloy- Nerf base turret health from 1000 to 900. Increase the health increase per rank from 150 to 180.
    • Red Streak- Increase the cooldown reduction per rank to .9s. (The Failsafe nerf helps this card)
    • Palisade- Increase the cooldown reduction per rank to .7s.
    • Bowling Ball- Increase the shield strength per rank from 150 to 180. (Assuming no Wrecker buff)
    • Healing Station- Make the healing stack (so you can get 50/sec/rank with two turrets).
    • Combat Repair- REWORK.
    • Foundation- REWORK.
    • Fuel Efficiency- REWORK.

    NOTE: Currently devising how to rework Combat Repair/Foundation/Fuel Efficiency.

  • I have a question sir!

    Why is Double time better than Bowling Ball? Bowling Ball seems much better considering that wrecker is way weaker than cauterize, and also comes out instantenously for a much clutcher save?

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    @TTraw said in Barik Card Tier List:

    I have a question sir!

    Why is Double time better than Bowling Ball? Bowling Ball seems much better considering that wrecker is way weaker than cauterize, and also comes out instantenously for a much clutcher save?

    Theoretically, that argument is sensible, however in practice it doesn't really work that way.

    The issue with Bowling Ball is that you don't even need Wrecker to deal with it. In the days it used to be good it actually made you get Wrecker for it. But now most characters that do half decent damage can just shoot at it with no Wrecker and poof the shield is down. Cauted Double Time will still provide sustain while it's healing you 20/sec at Caut 3 instead of Bowling Ball where you just lose all the sustain from the card when the shield is destroyed.

    And even then it isn't like Cauterize increases the damage dealt to health like Wrecker does to shields. If Caut did that, then yeah Bowling Ball likely would be straight-up better because you'd have to burst it down. But both would suck at that point and Caut would be busted.

  • This post is deleted!

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