Matchmaking Balance Problem

  • Not really going to pick sides but sometimes it seems like MM in casual is actual utter garbage because of randoms vs platinums and GMs in parties mostly and sometimes its just because there was No Teamwork Whatsoever the reason someone's team suffered defeat despite having a good team balance and right choices in loadouts, items and talents and complain about hard carring.

    It kinda comes down to a 50/50. But rather its an actual 90/10: 90% teamwork / 10% team balance. Especially when randoms don't give a shit about teamwork and decide to be edgy, tryhard and elititsts or do whatever the fuck they feel to. like damage support, m8 frontline, pocket healing, solo healing, camping and leeast active when flanking, etc...

    I just admit that i really can't keep up with this hero shooter gameplay style, is way more competitive demanding than anything i have seen so far and here i though TF2, COD and CS:GO had competitive hell everywere, even in community servers. It burns you out badly

  • @Lukash369 said in Matchmaking Balance Problem:

    I gave 2200+ hours, all champions, I've been playing since closed alpha (5 years).

    Matchmaking works almost always correctly. Matches don't always seem to be fair, but when it comes to numbers, matchmaking almost always matches players well. The system will not predict when someone has a bad day or someone will be afk, etc.

    This is why I'm curious about your IGN, because I'd love to see this broken matchmaking in your matches.

    Dude... You can't be serious. Matchmaking is actual garbage right now. I do think some of it is attributed to the fact that it's towards the end of the battlepass, so not as many people are playing right now. Still, it's a problem that's extremely noticeable. I notice that the teams I go against aren't the best. If I'm outright farming on Lian, and my aim is bad, then that is a problem. I look on PaladinsGuru, and I'm going against level 90 people. That is just sad to me. Or I'll have level 60 people on my team.

    Heck, I had one game where I went against a known grandmaster Androxus while I was playing Evie. This was a casual match. He had a Jenos, Corvus, and Torvald pocket. He had a diamond Imani, but meh. My team had mostly diamond or below players. Take in mind, even though it was a 4-0, it was one of the more balanced matches.

  • The issue is not matchmaking imo, its the conduct and actions of players in a teamgame that has to improve.

    Everyone complains about matchmaking.
    And here is me saying, average playerbase needs more perspective on the whole game, for the matchmaking to improve in general.

    Even if it were perfectly balanced, and people had equal gameplay time. Those who lack the perspective of teamplay do not contribute to a wall oiled team...
    You do not have to be diamond rank or require an account level of +200 or some shit to prove how good you are.
    Its a matter of gameplay understanding, and it differs immensely from the mindset of the gamer. For example Smurfs or Tournament players from other games, should not need to be identified by level, is about performance and understanding of the player in the environment they are working with, the time it will take the player to have a broad game sense of the game will differ depending on the level of understanding of that player.

    That said.
    When newcomers and players (with levels, but no brains) show little sense of the game flow, positioning, ability use, target prioritisation and Items... Those free frags will be the bane of every player who understands their role perfectly and watches their team fall into peril, because someone is not doing their job right...
    Without a method to explain all the "The more you know" dynamics in detail and game sense, you will continue to have stacks of players playing the game in a lacklustre fashion.

    So even if the stars align, and everyone is equal level. You will stil have the chance of a flank who dives alone and demands healing, a damage who never sets up supportive fire on point or watch their sides, a healer acts like and open frag on the road, a frontline that just acts like a punching bag and demands all the healing....

    I have taught friends this game. What little perspective I have given them, makes them shred low elos. Just things like, remember your retreat path, do not stay on the open road, treat open space like no mans land, get a good vantage / position, and use walls for cover when you can, ect...

  • @HeartQueen I don't think you are looking at this correctly. You can't look at a ban being requested as if the character is not possible to be countered. Instead, look at who is requesting the ban. If I'm playing a dedicated healer, there is no way possible a healer capable of supporting two frontlines can also defend against skye. Plus you now have to spend credit on illuminate, slowing your progression in cauterize and chronos. This has a further cascading effect of then causing tanks to wipe while capturing point, or dedicating another character to stay back and "guard" against skye wiping out the backline. You have now effectively limited two of your teammates because one character on the other team wasn't banned. That is why supports request her to be banned.

  • @Necro-mancer They need to trust in their dps. If they can't, there are supports who counter Skye. Jenos counters her, Pip counters her, and Seris counters her.

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 No what needs to be done is that hirez has got to add(a 2nd tutorial mode) an optional but proper fking tutorial for new players dedicated to help them play against low rank dominant champs like skye moji buck and reward crystals/gold for it so that they can stop using bad players as excuses to not buff skye properly. First off illuminate changes and stealth rework which makes dmg numbers pop off by hitting stealthed targets should be reverted. Then she just needs a few tingles like, a buff to her weapon dmg from 130->150 but nerf her DMG talents, and her HP to 1800 to compensate. This will turn her into the "low-time to kill flank" she was meant to be but make her time-to-die faster aswell and avoid buffing her DPS with Debilitate more than it currently is. I'd personally replace it with nerfed version of old smoke & Dagger with a 2s CD reduction within it to prevent healer skye from getting affected and make the old playstyle exactly as efffective as it used to ignoring the quick smoker nerf. I'd also give a last touch to her Preparation talent where she gets a 2nd armor benefit other than the kill2CDreset where movespeed card effects/nimble stack without diminished values. There, Skye is now low-key insane in the right hands but not OP since she has a fair number of counters with one of them being illuminate which is accessible to literally anyone. Now Skye has 3 completely different playstyles with each of them doing the following- buff burst, buff mobility and add utility/sustain. For a champ that can be countered by an item which can be bought in any situation, she deserves to have 3 strong talents/to be viable in any map or against any team comp other than one that has vivian.

  • @SNIper-poTAto I doubt that: "Make every player skilled like Diamond then Skye is no problem anymore" is a viable idea.

  • @AYYDIMITRI There are a few players I coached a bit before taking a long break. When I came back I honestly almost never lose in party with them and we aren't even using comms. Its crazy. What sucks is mechanically good players can be really hard to teach game sense to, because they can play shooters well in general so they get half decent scores. It blinds them of their true potential and they get mad when you try and suggest something.

  • @SNIper-poTAto and they need to put a diminishing returns calculator in the loadouts menu or something. So you dont have to think about googling it and searching through reddit posts to find a link to an old blog that you have to remember about for future reference. But instead of a second tutorial, a workshops/custom games thing like in THAT OTHER GAME. Learning what jumps are viable mid match is a bit of a hand ful, to the point that even after thousand plus hours, i find my self testing movement ability combos to try and get to a location during a casual match. But also having just a random aim arena match would be great. And other player edited match types. The hard part about trying some of these clutch movements out mid match is, its hard to tell if you messed up because it is impossible, or if you didn't time it right.

  • @elCheechio said in Matchmaking Balance Problem:

    @AYYDIMITRI There are a few players I coached a bit before taking a long break. When I came back I honestly almost never lose in party with them and we aren't even using comms. Its crazy. What sucks is mechanically good players can be really hard to teach game sense to, because they can play shooters well in general so they get half decent scores. It blinds them of their true potential and they get mad when you try and suggest something.

    I honestly have the opposite problem. My mechanical skill is fucking ass and I literally have to train my aim as much as possible to be a decent Lian or Evie. I remember going 0-6 as Lian because I could barely hit a shot. That's why I'm not sympathetic to the 'good aim and small brain' crowd. They can just watch a couple of videos, see basic drafting and counterpicks, and beast at the game. I actually have to work hard and train my aim, and to a certain extent, you can't teach aim.

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