Report System is Completely Broken

  • Been playing the game almost since launch. I play on multiple accounts, and part of the reason I have to do that is that the reporting system was always bad but has gotten increasingly problematic as troll reports have skyrocketed.

    Case in point, I started a new account recently -- three days ago -- just to see how long it would be before the account got a temporary suspension. I know that this thread will get replies like "that didn't happen to me so it can't be true" or "you must be lying and be bad or toxic." But I just ask you to believe me, and if a Hi Rez employee sees this thread, I invite you to review the account history for the account ReportSystemSux -- yes, that is the name of the new account.

    Long story short, only three days into the account's history, it is already suspended. No, I didn't troll. No, I didn't harass people, or feed, or not play my assigned role, or leave games or AFK. On the contrary, since the account is new and I am experienced, I generally carried games or did well.
    So no bad behavior, but because people report you every game for no reason, it's already suspended.

    As it stands now, the reporting system is simply broken. It does not function in a way that enhances the community, rather it is used as an extra tool for toxicity. I'm not sure of the solution, but as it is now, it's miserable. Removing the system and randomly auditing games to take action based on what you observe would be far preferable, but not likely because of the cost in person hours. So just take it out already -- no reports, because the system is not working and never have, nor has it deterred any of the bad behavior.

    Thanks for reading!

  • I assume those bans are autobans, mostly depending on how many games you play per day (and how many reports you get therefor). I don't get bans on my accounts anymore since the autoban system got modified. It could be they added a feature that new accounts need less reports to be autobanned than old accounts.

  • @kesbard im creating smuf accounts and getting banned. This is pretty comical.

    When people see level ZERO Androxus hard carry a match your getting reported. Stop smurfing!

    Account level 630 never been banned.

  • Report system is just a stress reliever.. its simply useless and increases toxicity.
    You can do all the insults you want, stay AFK, feed, be a troll, etc.. nothing will happen, if you want you can come here and send a support ticket to Hi-Rez with match code and explaining your report to a certain player, you will lose time and nothing will happen.
    So.. that's it, another lame thing of the game.

  • @Shadowpuppy This basically

    @kesbard besides what can you expect when people can open their match history and keep spamming the report button over and over and over again just because some maeve kept solo stomping them or an evie, androxious, strix, vivian or whoever killed them the most.

    Its a miracle that people hasn't really trown the whole shit into the fan by attempting to lagbot like in TF2 and screw matches at any point out of rage.

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