Tank Main's Speculative 3.4 Tier List.

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 said in Tank Main's Speculative 3.4 Tier List.:

    On console, Torvald has a 66% winrate at master elo. I'm not joking. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12TrxqtZbp2G_7p0vJYPOZvpSbCxNHFIFL_d767BTF9g/edit#gid=1540743675

    They just need to rework him. He is part of everything wrong with this meta. It's literally a meta where you pocket the dps and hope they're good enough to carry.

  • @HeartQueen The problem with Master statistics are the low numbers. I'd say you need more than 1000 games for a viable statistic. Or you may have a pro-player Torvald main who did a few hundred games and caused the high winrate. Therefor I prefer Diamond stats.

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 said in Tank Main's Speculative 3.4 Tier List.:

    @HeartQueen The problem with Master statistics are the low numbers. I'd say you need more than 1000 games for a viable statistic. Or you may have a pro-player Torvald main who did a few hundred games and caused the high winrate. Therefor I prefer Diamond stats.

    Average winrate in Diamond+ elo is 53% on console. Thanks Grandpa Torvald has a 57% winrate in Diamond+ elo. The thing is, you can literally pocket a dps of choice and force the team to get wrecker just to take down your shields.

    I honestly think they just need to rework him. Anything designed specifically to pocket something is bad fucking design. The reason being that it makes the pocket much better than they normally are, and the person that is pocketing the dps can't do anything by, or for, themselves. Corvus can't do shit for himself and in a vacuum where he has nothing to pocket, he's useless. Yet he can actually break Androxus/Zhin/Koga because of how long his range/duration for marks are. He can mark them before leaving spawn, and keep a constant pocket on them and heal them from over 500 units away. Same with Torvald. Torvald sucks on his own, but he breaks whoever he is pocketing.

  • @HeartQueen Well Torv was redesigned into a bubble bot. At first the bubble was only 2 seconds and not very strong. He was a point tank first, then an off-tank and finally got changed into an off-support.

  • I love the rants about torv.

    His design is not perfect, but honestly he is a mid range cover fire tank with an anti dive close quarters denial stagger engine with nullify and ult... you would expect his playstyle to be a bit passive until a foreseen need for a shut down is required.

    He wins by selective target protection and selective target ability denial... that's his firepower.. Its heavy jenos, with heavy control.

    I would say he is more so busted in tactful dive comps as his interference abilities has a cronk synergy in CC character comps when elim CDR is considered.

    If used correctly he has influence, just does not have same integrity as other tanks without a elim CD to reset his shut down and rebuff his HP.

    Before a hoard of nerfs his protec CD was overtoned for what shield HP it did provide and the potential ability reset that could be gained overall.
    The joke "everyone is a frontline" with torvald with the beta shield.
    Honestly I am still a tad surprised people feel harassed by the weak asf personal shields now, it stops a hand cannon shot at best.
    Does not win him favours as a pocket tank alone, this requires equal parts of performance from your allies.

    I guess people do not like to lose to multiple instant barriers....
    With elim CDR one can pump out shields with hastened speed, more akin to older shield application speeds, two shields per fight can be disgusting to fight against in a 1v1 fight but this requires a frag participation for ability acceleration.

    The pocket nature is symbiotic, he lacks firepower and mobility alone, creating fairly poor dive unless he has an advantage with a solid ability cancel.
    However when assisted by able players he gets a bulk load of nullify to abuse with elim CDR, and with twice the range on talent.
    I ain't finding Torvald a pocket tank, with the right ally cluster its a potential auto aim dive snowball if he runs interference with a barrier tank, allies with firepower, who all share a mind set to work around environment where torv has advantage.

    Nullify needed to deal greater damage to have threat pressure equal to his average dps, not less than. Apparently nullify was mistakenly valued to less damage then what was listed, could have more base range but arc to another target within half distance as a talent.

    Torvald can hinder champs who build dependant on (target contact = gain DR) or champ design that needs to break combat with a clutch ability.

    His main let down is his ult...
    While it has potential to multifrag dependant on map environment, alone it does very little in places where it can lock foes into terrain .
    I would enjoy a %max HP damage or a damage buff of some kind, because locking a foe into the ceiling corner for the entire duration should feel like it something more then mess up their hair.

  • @AYYDIMITRI His buff should get added CC imunity and maybe DR so he can't be so easily stunned or killed while ulting. It's very frustrating if the perfect ult gets ruined by a random stun or push. Also the ult mechanic can't deal with this and you get only the sound and animation but no effect, what is confusing.

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